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Urzin is a roaming town which slowly moves through the Brokenveil Marsh of Xhorhas atop the massive, mossy shells of horizonback tortoises, in addition to hundreds of tents and mobile huts. The exact number is fluid as satellite outposts are established and moved as required.[1]


Urzin's permanent structures consists of rickety shacks and towers built atop the backs of around forty horizonback tortoises. The shells of the tortoises are reinforced with sharpened bones and spikes, as well as ballistae and catapults. Each neighborhood stacked atop a tortoise is a microcosm of a village in its own right, the denizens of which strive to keep it as self sufficient as possible.[1]

As the herd of horizonbacks trundle through the Brokenveil Marsh, the city reconfigures daily, and the settlement often scattered and leaves outposts throughout the region. Beyond the tortoises, many residents of the city live in tents and huts that they bring with them as they travel with the herd.[1]


Zealous strength

The leader of Uzin is chosen by the reigning champion of one-on-one combat, the current of which is Sunbreaker Olomon. Under his leadership and teachings of The Luxon, and the promise that they will be aided by the Bright Queen's Aurora Watch, the marshfolk of Urzin act as a mobile fortress, following their new champion with zeal. While Olomon is away, the son of the previous champion, Buhfal II, proudly acts as Urzin's leader.[1]


As of 835 PD, Urzin has an average population of around 5,930, 62% of which are goblinkin, 21% are gnolls, 10% are orcs, and 7% are other races.

Notable People

Name Type Description
Olomon NPC A minotaur and current champion of Urzin.
Buhfal II NPC An ogre, son of the previous champion, and acting ruler of Urzin in Olomon's absence.
Bol'bara NPC Goblin warlock and elder seer of the city.[2]
Graaf NPC Orc blacksmith who sells weapons and armor.[3]
Krekk NPC Goblin quartermaster who sells tools and adventuring gear.[3]
Vreya Trestilya NPC Agender drow who sells hunting gear.[3]
Morgid NPC Hobgoblin scout.[4]



For decades, Urzin was ruled by the Ogre Lord Buhfal I, who lead his city in assaults against the Dwendalian Empire encroaching from the west. In 795 PD, Buhfal was challenged by the Kryn warrior Sunbreaker Olomon. In a legendary battle, Olomon defeated and slew the ogre lord, and became the ruler of the mobile settlement.[5]

Campaign Two: The Mighty Nein

On 25 Misuthar 836 during the War of Ash and Light, Dairon shared with the Mighty Nein that she had heard rumors of a recent Kryn military push westward towards Urzin.[6]

Unwelcome Spirits

During the War of Ash and Light, the goblin warlock and town seer Bol'bara was captured by Righteous Brand soldiers and held at the Dwendalian outpost Fort Venture, where she was tortured by Imperial inquisitor Parson Pellinost, a cultist of Vesh. Buhfal II hired a group of adventurers to travel into the marsh and rescue Bol'bara. Unless the adventurers reached the fort in time, Bol'bara's torture lead to her possession by her shadow demon patron Trush, after which she rampaged through the fort and needed to be stopped by the same group of adventures hired to rescue her.[2]


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