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"UnDeadwood Part III: I Got My Wish" (Ux03) is the third episode of the UnDeadwood mini-campaign. On the trail of the puppet master, Arabella faces a devastating choice while the mystery's home grows closer.


Arriving back to the town, the group sees a crowd gathering and upon investigating, they find the mutilated dead body of the Mayor, EB Farnum. Farnum seems to has been killed by the same type of snakes found in the pit at the mining site. Inside the Mayor's house they find a stack of papers containing documents of land purchase and a letter that tells them the land was bought up in search for oil. Clayton also picks up a bunch of Wanted posters that he refuses to share when Miriam asks him about it. They carry the body to Doc Cohran's home, but he seems to be missing and his home is also full of ash and snakeskin. Miriam then visits Joanie Stubbs (who should've'd an appointment with the doc for today, so perhaps they can find him there). Joanie was also attacked by a snake last night, but managed to kill it somehow. Unable to find Doc Cohran, they go back to the doc's house to conduct autopsy on the mayor by themselves. Arabella cuts up the body and find ash and snakeskin inside, but no snakes. Upon leaving, the reverend notices a list of names on the inside of the door: about 20 names with about 6 of them crossed out, all 6 have died recently. They report their finding to Al Swearengen. The clues connect: the people on the doc's list all sold their land to Geoge Hurst recently and - for whatever reason - someone (most likely the doc) didn't like the thought and is now out to kill them. As they are speaking, gunshots can be heared from the outside, the missing corpses of Bill Hickok and Cynthia Whitlock show up and the group takes them out in a heroic gunfight.

Featured Characters[]

Player Characters[]


  • "Wild Bill" Hickok
  • Cynthia Livingston


  • Al Swearengen
  • Joanie Stubbs
  • Cy Tolliver
  • EB Farnum
  • The Dealer


  • Doc Cochran
  • George Hurst


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  • "I guess I got my wish..." - Arabella to Miriam, after making her decision
  • “You seem like the silent thinking type.”
    “Well... you got half of that right.” - Katie, one of Joanie's girls, to Sharpe as they guard the door of the Bella Union
  • "Who's cutting open Mayor EB Farnum?"