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UnDeadwood is a four-part episodic saga that originally aired on Fridays, October 18 through November 15, 2019 on Twitch. In the not-so-sleepy town of Deadwood, where rumors of supernatural happenings and illegal mining activity have come to a head, five strangers to each other are hired to investigate supernatural rumors by a local community pillar, fight an evil they've never encountered — and will fight to save their very souls in the process.

It was created and produced by Brian W. Foster, who also served as the game's GM, and Ivan Van Norman and played in the Deadlands: Reloaded setting for the Savage Worlds RPG system.

The Cast

Actor Character
Marisha Ray Arabella Whitlock
Khary Payton Aloysius Fogg
Anjali Bhimani Miriam Landisman
Matthew Mercer Clayton "The Coffin" Sharpe
Travis Willingham Reverend Mason
Ivan Van Norman The Bartender
Brian Wayne Foster The Game Marshal


No. Title Original airdate Link Runtime
1 "UnDeadwood Part I: Stay Close, Reverend" (Ux01) 2019-10-18 VOD 2:03:41
Five strangers to both each other and the historic mining town of Deadwood are hired to investigate supernatural rumors by a local community pillar.
2 "UnDeadwood Part II: God Don't Play Cards" (Ux02) 2019-10-25 VOD 02:40:03
After being bestowed with mysterious power and a sense of coming dread, our wary clan finds some of Deadwood’s residents might not be as frightened as they seem.
3 "UnDeadwood Part III: I Got My Wish" (Ux03) 2019-11-01 VOD 2:03:11
On the trail of the puppet master, Arabella faces a devastating choice while the mystery's home grows closer.
4 "UnDeadwood Part IV: Goodnight, Miss Miriam" (Ux04) 2019-11-15 VOD 2:17:26
Our heroes close in on the necromancer after another personal loss, and come to realize justice takes many forms.