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Umejii is a Tetrarch of the Qoniira Tetrarchy. She has not appeared onstream, but was mentioned in Exandria Unlimited. The Crown Keepers continued south from Niirdal-Poc in search of her.[1][2]

Character Information[]

Umejii is one of the four leaders of the Qoniira Tetrarchy, along with Thrascuur. As of 843 PD she had left for the Iron Authority in an effort to learn more about ill omens Thrascuur had received.[3]

No physical description of Umejii is given but Thrascuur tells the party that she is "incredible" and assures them they will know when they find her.[4]


  • Elam Genar: Umejii stayed with Elam (romantically, by implication) shortly prior to journeying south.[5]
  • Fy'ra Rai: Fy'ra places great trust in Umejii and had hoped to speak with her about the runes upon the party's arrival to Niirdal-Poc.[6]
  • Thrascuur: One of the four co-rulers of the tetrarchy with Umejii.

Appearances and mentions[]