Umbra Hills

Umbra Hills is located in the Cliffkeep Mountains, Tal'Dorei north of Jorenn Village.

The Umbra Hills are a blasted wasteland in the Cliffkeep Mountains, cursed forever by a tide of spilled demonic blood across the highlands. No animals live here and the only plant that grows in these hills is shadegrass. The grass has drawn the interest of spice traders worldwide drawing wealthy merchants to the area. Undead soldiers rise from the grass when the moon is high and the ruins of ancient Drassig war camps seem to still draw shadow demons to patrol these lands, still bound by the contract between Thirst Drassig and the Demon Prince Indulgence.[1]


  • The final battle of the Scattered War transformed the hills from a floral, sun-dappled emerald highlands into the blasted wasteland it now is.[1]

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