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Depiction of Umberhulk

Umber hulks are large, subterranean creatures that exist in the Critical Role universe and Dungeons & Dragons.

Creature Information Edit

Umber hulks resemble beetles that move in ways similar to an ape. They have claws and mandibles, and are considered very dangerous due to their size, strength, and confusion abilities.

Vox Machina has encountered umber hulks both prior to the stream and during the events in the Underdark. The first one they fought was in an underground cavern below Emon. During the fight, Grog almost permanently died when he became disoriented and fell from the top of the cavern, landing on an island almost 170 feet below.[1] During the second encounter, the party encountered two umber hulks, which made it very difficult for the party to fight effectively as they had to split their forces in order to handle both creatures.

Abilities Edit

Umber hulks are very effective close-range fighters, and deal significant amounts of damage to anybody within the reach of their thick arms. Their natural abilities disorient their quarry whenever eye contact is made.

  • Confusion
  • Darkvision
  • Wall climbing

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