Umagorn Smeltborne is a dwarven blacksmith and forger of weapons and armor. As an NPC, Umagorn Smeltborne is played by Matthew Mercer.

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Umagorn is a younger dwarf, sweaty, with fine long blond hair tightly braided behind his head going almost to his mid-back. His chin area is shaved, and he has a heavy mustache braided in two braids dangling past his waist, tied to his sides so they won't get in the way of his work. He wears a leather apron, leather gauntlets, and clutches a smithy hammer in one hand.[1]

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Umagorn is the son of the fabled weapons forger Dulgrim Smeltborne, and his former apprentice, who took over the Anvil of Smeltborne in Uthodurn when his father died in approximately 832 P.D.[2]

"Uthodurn" (2x73) Edit

The Mighty Nein found the Anvil of Smelborne and met Umagorn Smeltborne. Caduceus Clay showed Umagorn the pieces of Dwueth'var. He recognized it as his father's craftsmanship, then looked it up in a book. After finding a sketch of the sword, he told the Mighty Nein he would be able to repair the sword if they got him the materials. He would need iceflex - mythril that has been treated in the breath of a white dragon.[3] Umagorn told them to check at the Vellum Steeple Archive for information on where to find either a dragon or iceflex. He then asked what they needed the sword for. When Nott answered they needed to kill things, he asked for more detail. Fjord told Umagorn they needed the sword to kill an ancient evil. Umagorn read Fjord as an honest person and told him he would forge the sword for them if they brought back the iceflex. They had to promise to spread the word that Umagorn was now as talented as his father, which the Mighty Nein agreed to do. The Mighty Nein left the Anvil and a cloaked figure (Reani) approached them.[4]

"Manifold Morals" (2x74) Edit

Umagorn seemed embarrassed by Reani talking about him with the Nein, and outright refused to allow anyone to call him "Umi" but Reani. He did, however, ask her to get him a souvenir from the dragon. Later, once the Nein had procured mythril objects from Ava Endlewood, half of the group led by Fjord returned to Umagorn who smelted down the mythril into a single bar.

"Refjorged" (2x76) Edit

The Mighty Nein and Reani returned to the Anvil of Smeltborne with a bar of dragon's-breath-created iceflex in tow. A little surprised, Umagorn told Reani how proud he was of her for succeeding in duping a dragon and seemed genuinely in awe of the dragon scale she got for him (though he didn't know it was created via Jester's illusory paint). With no more preparations needed, the group plus Umagorn and Deilin traveled to Kravaraad and immediately began trying to reforge Dwueth'var in the Underforge. Umagorn told the Nein how anxious he was with only his father's notes to guide him, but seemed excited by the chance to finally get to work. He and Deilin worked throughout the night, possibly driven past the normal point of exhaustion by the Underforge's divine properties, and the following morning the Nein were abruptly woken up by Umagorn proclaiming, "It's done! By the might of the Allhammer it's fucking done!"

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Reani is the only one whom he allows to call him "Umi", a nickname that Reani invented.[5]

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  • Caduceus: "We have a deeply complicated job that we were hoping to find someone to help us with. May I show you what, uhhh . . ."
    Jester: "We brought cupcakes."
    Nott: "And money."
    Beau: "And booze."
    Umagorn: "Get the fuck in."[6]

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