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Umadon is a bugbear living in Asarius. As an NPC, Umadon is played by Matthew Mercer.



Umadon is a very large, muscly bugbear with thick hair, tufty ears, and a thick brow.


Despite his intimidating appearance, Umadon is extremely gentle and demure. He is also not that bright, as when told to lie, he quickly becomes confused.



"Well Beneath" (2x54)[]

After noting the bugbear’s skittish demeanor, Fjord pursued and interrogated Umadon while the Mighty Nein were investigating the Abyssal rifts opening in Asarius. After Fjord convinced Umadon he worked for someone scary, Umadon admitted that he had been having dreams of two beautiful bugbears that told him to do bad things. He weepingly explained that he killed his neighbor's wolves because the bugbears told him to, an act for which he was immensely remorseful and was afraid of being punished. Fjord promised that no one ever had to find out about the wolves if Umadon took him to his house and showed him the well near his home.[1]

Fjord and Umadon by AJ Illustrate

Fan art of Fjord and Umadon, by Andrew Jensen.[art 2]

Umadon showed Fjord his house and the window where the two bugbears from his dreams appeared. Fjord gave Umadom a silver and made Umadon promise not to tell anyone about the dreams or that he talked to anyone about the dreams. Embarrassed and confused, Umadon went into his house.[2]

Later that night, the Mighty Nein came back to examine the area around Umadon's house and found two ghostlike translucent creatures in his bedroom. They were floating near the ceiling, a faint blue energy coming out of their hands towards Umadon as he lay sleeping in his bed with a smile on his face.[3] The party attacked the creatures. Umadon woke up during the battle, very confused, and he watched the two ghostly figures fly out the window chased by the Mighty Nein. When Fjord realized Umadon was watching through the window, Fjord told him to get back inside.[4]


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  • Umadon (nervously): "You're not going to tell anyone about the dreams, are you?"
    Fjord: "What dreams, Umadon?"
    Umadon (oblivious to Fjord's hint): "The ones I told you about...?"
    Fjord: "Naaaaaaah..." [cast cracks up]
    Umadon: "You asked me about them a couple times..."
    Fjord (frustrated): "WE...(clasps his hands to pray for patience, and carefully enunciates each word)...We. Never. Spoke! Never happened! Okay?!? Never happened!"
    [ DM: "You're blowing his mind right now!"]
    Umadon (confused): "But we... I... you followed...!"
    Fjord (shushing Umadon): "AH-AH-AH!!!"[5]


  • He seems to be attracted to more than one gender, since the succubus and incubus seduced him in dreams using both male and female bugbear forms.


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