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I don't think he's trying to fuck us right now.
Jester offers some insight on Ulysses[1]

Ulysses Stanneras is a human who gives paid tours to new arrivals in Zadash. As an NPC, Ulysses is played by Matthew Mercer.



Ulysses is a pudgy-looking older man in his mid-60s with a bushy gray mustache and full Stonewall beard. He wears a scratched monocle in one eye and a hooded cloak.[2] Under the cloak, he wears a cravat and clothes that were once very fine but have become tattered and worn.[3] Under his hood, he had a Benjamin Franklin style skullette of curvy, wavy grey hair and a bald top.[4]


The Mighty Nein initially took Ulysses for a scammer, asking if he was going to flash them or sell them watches. Jester, however, deemed him trustworthy enough to hire his services.[5] Ulysses behaved like a businessman; he did the work he was paid to do. Once his contract expired, however, he gave no further help without further pay.[6]



Ulysses was once a businessman, selling and trading leathers in Zadash, until his partner, who did the actual crafting, disappeared with the business' goods and funds. Ulysses was left to scrape by selling his knowledge of the city to newcomers, a state of affairs that he claims to be content with. The pay, he says, is half as much as his old job for a quarter of the effort.[7]

"The Gates of Zadash" (2x08)[]

When the Mighty Nein arrived in Zadash, Ulysses was the first local they met. For 2 gold, he showed them to a place out of the rain and told them where to find various things they needed in the city. He left them at sunset, when his paid services expired.[8]

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