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Ulfgar Fireforge is a dwarven fighter and member of Vox Moronica. He is played by Ify Nwadiwe.


"Yo, dis is Ulfgar Fireforge. I'm a sellsword, ex-pit fighter. I'm slow to trust and quick to kill. Money talks, bullshit walks. Just so ya'll know, I'm in it for the money and I play a mean flute that's sharpened at the end. If you get too close, I might stab you in the neck. Just know, I'll do anything for a buck. Anything."



Ulfgar has a grayish stone skin and "a Kimbo Slice beard going on." He wears an iron chain around his neck at all times over his chainmail, and carries a stein with brass knuckles as the handle. He always wears his gold sack out, "so people know how much money I'm rocking with."[1]


Ulfgar often points out that he will do anything for money, and will put his or other people's lives in jeopardy while searching for money.

He also regularly introduces himself with his whole back story. He often greets people with a fist bump, which Salty Pete seems to imply is a common Dwarvish greeting. His method of communication is also referred to as "Classic Dwarven Slang".



"Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Tips" (1x12)[]

Ulfgar traveled with Snugglelord and Salty Pete to the town of Roch Mar, hoping to find treasure (and because Snugglelord paid him to). There, the three of them rescued some trapped townsfolk from an evil underground crystal.

"Critical Trolls for Extra Life" (Sx02)[]


Stephen Fireforge[]

Character information[]


As a dwarf, Ulfgar's strengths are underground, he also has proficiency with various weapons.

Dwarf abilities[]

  • Darkvision
  • Stonecunning

Fighter abilities[]

  • Two-Weapon Fighting

Notable items[]

Ulfgar is armed with two swords, which he uses for duel wielding, and a single-handed crossbow. He refers to his right sword as "Regina" and his left sword as "Linda". He also uses rope often as a means for testing dangerous situations.

Appearances and mentions[]





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