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Udah the Undying was a male demilich, later restored to lich power, who haunted the Tomb of Udah, a large necropolis in the Dreamseep Marshlands of Tal'Dorei.


Udah savored the torment he inflicted upon greedy individuals who entered the Tomb of Udah. As a demilich, according to rumor, he was a three-eyed golden skull with a ruby in each socket.[1]


Udah the Undying was a male individual who was once a lich of tremendous power who, by 812 PD, had faded into a demilich. His resting place was the Tomb of Udah, a large necropolis in the Dreamseep Marshlands filled with traps and treasure, that claimed the lives of hundreds of treasure hunters and grave robbers, with each death adding to the legions under Udah's control.[1]

Two rumors persisted in Tal'Dorei regarding the Tomb of Udah: one of a three-eyed golden skull, with a wish-granting ruby in each socket, and a second of a "dread master" that commanded the monsters in the necropolis. Unbeknownst to the spreaders of these rumors, in reality, the skull and the master were the same entity.[1]

By 836 PD, Udah had apparently been restored to his full lich power, though only his skull still remained.[2]

Character information[]

The Critical Role: Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting recommends the demilich statblock found in the Monster Manual for Udah.[3] The Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn tags him with the lich statblock.[2]


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