Tz'Arrm, Helm of the Emperor is the capital of the hobgoblin empire of the Iron Authority on the southern tip of Tal'Dorei.[2]


The palace of the Iron Emperor is the thirty-foot tall helm dropped by the Betrayer God Bane, the Strife Emperor, when he fell in battle against Melora in the Calamity. Likewise, the rest of his pitted iron armor has gradually been chiseled and melted down to produce the walls of the city, weapons, and more.[1]


Most humanoid races, including the goblins and slaves, find Tz'Arrm swelteringly hot, though it suits the hobgoblins fine. (Tieflings are prized as slaves because they can stand the heat.) The climate is tropical, but dry up on the Beynsfal Plateau, and the iron walls of the city work together with the black stone of the plateau to trap the heat.[1]


Hobgoblin, from D&D: Monster Manual, page 187.[art 1]

The Iron Authority is extremely hierarchical and regimented, with each person knowing their place exactly: whom they serve, and who serves them. This structure is promoted by constant, stirring propaganda and enforced by numerous secret police. Seventy percent of the population are hobgoblins. Another one-tenth of the population are goblins living as second-class servants. The remaining one-fifth of the population are other races captured as slaves in the Authority's wars of conquest; the slaves are generally laborers used to chip iron scraps from Bane's fallen armor or forage for food in the jungle, since the Beynsfal Plateau has been devoid of plant life since the cataclysmic battle that felled Bane.[1]




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