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Tyrelda, sometimes spelled Tirelda,[6] is the High Warden of Syngorn.[1] As an NPC, she is played by Matthew Mercer.



Around 798 PD,[7][8] Tyrelda was described as an elf with "long cinnamon-brown hair and intelligent eyes."[1]


Fan art of Tyrelda, by Bri.[art 2]

By 19 Horisal 811 PD, Tyrelda has grey in her hair and crow's feet at the corner of her eyes.[9] On her excursions into the city she likes to wear a small, very long, pointed tricorn hat made of green velvet.[10] Her intelligence is evident in her expression.[11]




Like all High Wardens of Syngorn have, Tyrelda belongs to Yenlara's bloodline.[12] In her younger years she traveled more freely to the Feywild, but in her older years politics has kept her close to home.[13] Her responsibility as High Warden is to maintain law, guide society, and preside over the other Wardens;[12] in effect she is the final decision-maker on most of Syngorn's political and social endeavors, and so she, her family, and the Emerald Citadel in which they live are heavily protected by the Verdant Guard.[14]

Kith & Kin[]

Around 796 PD,[7][15] Tyrelda gave the half-elves Vax'ildan and Vex'ahlia leave to live in Syngorn with their father Syldor Vessar.[16] Two years later, she visited Syldor's home to inspect the twins' progress while they were training with Tharendril and Iova.[8] She asked Vex'ahlia to demonstrate her archery.[17] Tyrelda was unimpressed, but amused by Vax'ildan's spirit, and ordered Syldor to send the twins to school to challenge them, rather than hide them away at home with private tutors.[18]

"Heredity and Hats" (1x60)[]

Syldor Vessar helped Vox Machina to secure a single meeting with Tyrelda, at which she informed them of the dangers of the Shademurk Bog and how Saundor created it. In the meantime, the archfey Artagan, under the guise of a satyr named Garmelie, asked Vox Machina to steal Tyrelda's hat for him as part of a deal to show them to the outskirts of the Shademurk.


  • Ibbimas is Tyrelda's majordomo, screening those who wish to see her.[19]
  • Braum is her son, but also acts as her servant.[20]
  • Tyrelda worries about the influence of Guildrunner Rawndel, who heads the Spellbenders’ Guild, the Elvencraft Alliance, and the Mithral Fellowship; most shops in Syngorn's central Tarn Ward are affiliated with one of the three.[21]

Character Information[]

Notable Items[]

  • Travel hat: A small, very long, pointed tricorn made of green velvet.[22] Stolen by Vox Machina at the request of Artagan.

Appearances and mentions[]



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