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The tyrannosaurus rex is a large, reptilian beast encountered by the Mighty Nein on Rumblecusp.


The albino tyrannosaurus fought by the Mighty Nein was pale with pinkish-red, bruised eyes and battle scars, and was covered in dried blood from previous kills. It was about twenty feet tall.[4] The creature avoided by the party earlier was described as a large, lizard-like entity standing about 20 to 25 feet tall, with a massive mouth of foot-long dagger-like teeth and small vestigial arms.[5]


Tyrannosaurs are ferocious apex predators, monstrously strong and capable of restraining smaller prey in their jaws, while simultaneously slamming nearby foes with their tail.


At least two tyrannosaurs were active on Rumblecusp when the island was first visited by the Mighty Nein, who avoided combat with one tyrannosaurus while attempting to make their way to the lair of Vokodo.[6] They later decided to hunt one to feed the crowd of arriving Traveler Con attendees. Finding two sets of tyrannosaurus tracks, they chose to follow the larger set, which led to an unusually powerful, older male. It was described as having battle scars and being albino: pale with pinkish-red bruised eyes. The Mighty Nein got the sense that the predator would have posed a threat to the Vo Village after Vilya and the other protectors of the community left the island.[7]


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