Professor Tuss Waccoh is a half-orc professor in Rosohna. As an NPC, Tuss Waccoh is played by Matthew Mercer.



Tuss Waccoh is a female half-orc. She is middle-aged, rotund and wears robes with a heavy shawl. Tuss has wild hair that covers a lot of her face. She wears an eyepiece, similar to a jeweler's loupe, but longer. Her jaw has a noticeable underbite with one heavy tusk which is curled inwards and pushes in against her upper lip.


Professor Waccoh is very energetic, and quite eccentric. She talks rapidly, and expects answers equally fast. Her relationship with Foreman Bodo Icozrin seems to indicate that she holds grudges, and is certainly not above sabotage to targets of said grudges. She is very plain-spoken, and does not waste words on niceties or haggling.

She is dedicated to her work, and to the Kryn Dynasty. She is openly proud of her work, and the results it has on the battlefield. She has been known to hide her work from visitors to her lab, and she demonstrates in "Wood and Steel" (2x58) that she is restrictive in who is allowed access to her library, denying the Mighty Nein access, even after being declared heroes by the Bright Queen.[2]

Waccoh holds a bit of the overall Kryn prejudice against humans, referring to Beau and Caleb as "humies", and indicating that being allowed to live is part of their prize from the Bright Queen when discussing how much favor and access their status as heroes grants them.[3]


Fan art of Professor Waccoh, by Nathaniel Himawan (ninesicks).[art 2]


Professor Waccoh is one of the leading researchers and engineers in the Kryn Dynasty. She has more recently been involved as the head designer of war machines in the conflict between the Dwendalian Empire and the Kryn Dynasty.[4]

"Wood and Steel" (2x58)

Caleb and Beau go to the Marble Tomes Conservatory to speak with Professor Waccoh. Upon meeting them, she sizes the two humans up and appears to be extremely intrigued by their physicality.

"Agreements" (2x61)

Beau, Caleb, Nott, and Yeza go to report back to Waccoh. She is very pleased with their humiliation of Bodo, and allows them to have the Staff of Withering, the Ring of Evasion, and a broken sword blade. They attempt to get library time, but she says they need to continue to prove themselves before that will be possible.


Bodo Icozrin

Professor Waccoh has an extremely tense working relationship with Foreman Bodo. She describes him as being "a right prick". She expresses that they work together because they have to, and she feels as though he would be lost without her designs.[5]

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