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Turst Fields is a farming community located northeast of Westruun and south of the Parchwood Timberlands.


Turst Fields provides much of the produce for the Republic of Tal'Dorei and Whitestone,[2] and in turn imports many goods from other nearby cities, making it a bustling stop for trade caravans.[1]

Turst Fields is one of the few communities in Tal'Dorei that counts gnolls among its citizens. Many of the human and halfling citizens have adopted the gnolls' language and animistic spirituality.[1]

According to Jarett Howarth, the illegal drug suude can be obtained from Turst Fields.[3]


As of 812 PD, Turst Fields had a population of 1,390, notably including a significant number of gnolls as citizens (15%). The rest of the population was made up of humans (40%), halflings (38%), and other races (8%).[1]

Notable People


Early in Turst Fields' history, the townsfolk made an alliance with the Dustpaw tribe of gnolls, who helped defend the community from the Ravagers.[1]

When the Briarwoods were ruling over Whitestone between 805 and 810 PD, the farmers of Turst Fields still traded with the city, but they were not allowed into it and there wasn't much communication.[4]



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