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The Tumblecarve family is one of the wealthy families that live in the city of Uthodurn.



Umagorn Smeltborne told the party that the Tumblecarves were known to be into "some strange stuff" and that they were collectors. They would send out servants looking for odds and ends, and then show up suddenly and mysteriously knowing about things that just made their way into town for sale, strange collectibles. They were very in the know.[1]

The Tumblecarves were business associates of the Jagentoths, the crime family who supported the Iron Shepherds.[2]

"Manifold Morals" (2x74)[]

Ava Endlewood told the Mighty Nein and Reani that the Tumblecarves were wealthy collectors and that they had come into ownership of one of Ava's rings. Their residence was near the end of the Liber Disk in the affluent Demerant Circle, a three-story home towards the back wall of the circle, wedge-shaped at the front, with dual balconies on the second floor. Ava offered to trade the party her refined residuum in return for recovery of the ring.[3]

"Refjorged" (2x76)[]

The Mighty Nein snuck into the Tumblecarve estate early in the morning and found a chamber with some glass cases containing magical artifacts. They were able to retrieve a letter, the Manual of Gainful Exercise, and Ava's ring before the guards were alerted to their presence and they fled.


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