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Trysta is a hag and sister of Forscythia. As an NPC, she is played by Matthew Mercer.



Trysta - Vox Machina Origins

Official art of Trysta, by Noah Hayes and Diana Sousa from Vox Machina Origins IV 2.[art 2]

Trysta and her sister Forscythia were once elven scholars who long ago stumbled upon the Ruins of Salar within the Crystalfen Caverns. The magic within the ruins twisted their minds and bodies and extended their lives. They have since become obsessed with the Ruins. Trysta remains below in the caverns to study, while Forscythia travels back and forth from Emon, trading her fortunetelling skills for goods and gold.[3]


Vox Machina met Trysta after falling into a subterranean river system below Emon. They discovered the hag living in a hut among the remnants of an ancient town.

Tiberius noticed that she had one of the artifacts he was searching for: the Mending Wheel. He traded her a portion of his luck in exchange for the item. In the version of the story presented in Vox Machina Origins Series IV #2, Scanlan replaced Tiberius in the group and this transaction did not take place.[4]

The party asked Trysta how to get back to the surface, and she promised to tell them if they got rid of an umber hulk that was living nearby. They agreed, and climbed to the top of the cavern to slay the creature, although Grog nearly died in the process. After returning to Trysta, she showed them a hidden staircase that led up into the Graveyard District of Emon.[5]

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