Depiction of a Troll

Trolls are a predatory species of Giantkin. There are several sub-species of trolls.

Common TrollEdit

The most common type of troll has deep forest green skin.[1]

Known Troll Types Edit

Trolls that are nearly obliterated but survive and regenerate from mere scraps of flesh can display bizarre mutations. One of these warped trolls is especially likely to arise if the creature regenerates in the presence of magical emanations, planar energy, disease, or death on a vast scale, or if its body was damaged by elemental forces. These mutated forms can also be produced and shaped by the ritual magic of evil spellcasters.

Venom TrollEdit

Venom Troll

Depiction of a Venom Troll

Venom Trolls are bulbous, with a deep green-blue skin tone with little pustules and boils on it. The torso appears to be swollen, its belly protruding beyond it. Out of the pustules and part of its body oozes thick green poison, and it sprays out from every wound they receive.[2][3]

The Mighty Nein encountered a venom troll in the Labenda Swamp.

Abilities Edit

  • Damage Immunities: Poison
  • Condition Immunities: Poisoned
  • Senses: Darkvision
  • Languages: Giant
  • Keen Smell
  • Poison Splash: When the troll takes damage of any type but psychic, each creature within 5 feet takes poison damage.[4]
  • Regeneration: The troll regains health at the start of each of its turns. If acid or fire damage is taken, it regains no health and is only then able to be killed permanently.[5]
  • Attacks:
    • Multiattack: The troll can make three attacks, one bite and two claw attacks.[6]
    • Bite: The troll can make an attack with its teeth and giant tusks.[7]
    • Claw: The troll can attack with its claws wolverine-style.[8]
    • Venom Spray: Dealing damage to itself, the troll can release a spray of poison in a 15-foot cube.[9]

Ice TrollEdit

Ice Troll

Depiction of an Ice Troll

The Mountain Makers fought and defeated an ice troll[10] in the Victory Pit during the Harvest Close Festival in Zadash. Able to grow to nine feet tall, these dull teal-blue trolls, had elongated arms and legs, and a high-pitched yelp like scream. The claws of these trolls gave off a cold mist when they struck a target[11]

History Edit

Vox MachinaEdit

At some point during the campaign, Tiberius attempted to disguise himself as a female troll in order to distract a couple of male trolls around a fire. The situation almost ended very badly for Tiberius had his teammates not come in to rescue him.

Vex'ahlia shot off the one of the trolls' dick, which then ended up being placed into Grog's Bag of Holding, where it was left forgotten to rot away until it was used... [citation needed]

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