Trisha is one of the guards of Whitestone.  During the Winter's Crest Festival, she competed in the arm-wrestling tournament and defeated an unnamed NPC, Goran Vedmire, and Grog Strongjaw—thus winning the tournament.[2]  As an NPC, she is played by Matthew Mercer.

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Trisha is a tough-looking female warrior with dark brunette hair pulled back in a tight bun.  She has piercing green eyes and a long-healed scar on her face.[3]

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After the liberation of Whitestone from the Briarwoods, Trisha harbored ill-will towards Vedmire for all of the pain he caused the denizens of Whitestone.[4]  Her interactions with Grog before and after their arm-wrestling match showed her to be honorable, well-spoken, and someone who relishes the thrill of good competition.

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