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Trence Orman was a male priest of the Raven Queen and founder of the Claret Orders.[1] He has not appeared in Critical Role.



Orman was described as humble.[2] He was also selfless and courageous, as he was willing to sacrifice his own humanity to protect his people and homeland.[1]


Centuries prior to the Chroma Crisis,[1] the Marrow Valley was invaded by fiends and undead when a cleric of the Julous Dominion made a pact with a devil of the Nine Hells to repel the invading Dwendalian Empire.[2] During this time, Orman prayed to the Raven Queen for a way to protect his people and home. An answer came to him in the form of knowledge of hemocraft, an ancient and forbidden form of magic involving the manipulation of blood through sacrificing a portion of one's own humanity. Orman trained his most trusted friends[2] into warriors wielding the art of blood magic, thus marking the origin of the Claret Orders, as well as the first blood hunters and blood clerics.[1]

Using their new abilities, the Claret Orders managed to seal away the devils, release the cleric from his torturous form, and clear the valley of the evil presence. However, the Dwendalian Empire took advantage of this, invading the freshly freed Marrow Valley and defeating the Julous Dominion. Newly installed Dwendalian lords blamed the Claret Orders for the former presence of fiends, forcing Orman and his warriors into hiding. Despite this, they never ceased protecting their lands from the shadows and continued to seek out evils from the Calamity.[2]


Orman was bestowed with the gift of blood magic,[1] also known as hemocraft.[2]



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