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Treece was a child in the Vo village on Rumblecusp. As an NPC, Treece is played by Matthew Mercer.



Treece was seen by Beau running by with a stick in one hand. His feet were muddy beneath the knees, and he had a little bit of a smear on the side of his face.[1]


Treece was impressed by Beau's bo staff, which she let him hold, saying it was pretty cool, particularly when she twirled it. He boasted that his job on the island was keeping the monsters away. He was in awe when she set off a bottle rocket, and she gave him six to keep, admonishing him not to point them at other kids or his parents. Treece immediately figured out that anyone else was okay.


Treece is part of the Vo community on Rumblecusp, and referred to his mom and dad.

Character Information[]

Notable Items[]

  • Six bottle rockets, given to him by Beau

Appearances and mentions[]


  • Beau: What's your job on this island?
    Treece: I take care of keeping the monsters away.[2]



  1. Fan art of Treece, by Kileigh Gallagher (source). Used with permission.