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Darko Trebain - Lex Vermeulen

Fan art of Darko Trebain, by Lex Vermeulen.[art 1]

The Trebains are a family from Shadycreek Run heavily involved in the smuggling of ancient artifacts from the ruins of Molaesmyr. It is one of the four criminal families comprising the Tribes of Shadycreek Run.


Of the four Tribes of Shadycreek Run, the Trebain family is the most covert, preferring to hire others to do their dirty work. The Trebain family lives not in Shadycreek Run but deep in the Savalirwood, and their base is a network of homesteads surrounding a stronghold.[1]

Even when they didn't participate in the active rivalry between the Mardoons and the Jagentoths, the Trebains were considered capable of getting mixed up in ill-advised affairs.[2]

Business Interests[]

The Trebains focus on controlling hunting grounds[1] and trying to smuggle antiquities out of Molaesmyr to sell them generally southward, to whatever private interests have the coin. In the latter business the Jagentoth family is also occasionally involved to a lesser degree,[3] but the Trebain family's interests drive them into a more constant three-way rivalry with the Uttolot family and the Greytrader Union, sometimes driving each of them into strange temporary alliances with one of the others.[1]

Known members[]

Leadership of the family is split between:[1]

  • Lord Darko Trebain (lawful neutral, human) - He is obsessed with the causes of the corruption of the Savalirwood, and he (correctly)[4] believes it was due to the elves tampering with misunderstood magics. He hopes to discover the source of the blight and weaponize it for his family's gain.[5]
  • Juraj Trebain
  • Tatia Trebain
  • Zorka Trebain


A Stolen Heart[]

Between 835 and 836 PD the Trebains had recovered from Molaesmyr a slumbering pixie that they kept in a guarded shed outside the Wickerskids. Believing the tiny fey was actually a relic, Dratto (an orc member of the Grudge Gang), wanted to steal it for the Mardoon family, with whom they had a connection.[6]

"Between the Lines" (2x78)[]

While researching Veluthil in the Cobalt Soul library in Zadash, the Mighty Nein learned about the Trebain family for the first time.[7]

"The Threads Converge" (2x85)[]

The Gentleman mentioned that he'd sold a number of relics out of the Savalirwood with Ophelia Mardoon, although it's hard to smuggle out much under the noses of the Trebain family.[8]


  • The Trebains are the only Tribe of Shadycreek Run with a member of known alignment who isn't evil, Lord Darko himself.



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