This page is about the character from the "Thursday by Night" one-shots.  For the real-world actor, see Travis Willingham. For the character from the "Liam's Quest" one-shots, see Travis Willingham (character).


Travis Willingham (vampire) is a fictionalized version of voice actor Travis Willingham for Taliesin Jaffe's one-shot, "Critical Role One-Shot: Thursday by Night" (Sx24). This version of Travis Willingham was played by Travis Willingham.

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The Vampiric form of Travis Willingham share a majority of his apearence from his real life counterparet. The only difference is his red eyes and vampiric canines jutting from his upper jaw.

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  1. Travis as a vampire from Critical Role One-Shot: Thursday by Night, by Kendra Wells (source).  Permission needed.

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