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This page is about the actor. For the character from a one-shot campaign, see Travis Willingham (character).

I would like to RAGE!
Travis as Grog Strongjaw

Travis Willingham (@willingblam) is a voice actor who plays the character Fjord on Critical Role. He played the character Grog Strongjaw in the first campaign and Fjord in the second campaign. He was also the Dungeon Master for "Critical Role: Grog's One-Shot" (Sx26). Travis is the CEO of Critical Role Productions LLC.


Matthew Mercer's Pathfinder campaign, which evolved into Critical Role, was Travis's first time playing a pen-and-paper RPG.[2] Travis chose to be a goliath barbarian because he wanted to be a big character that liked to drink and fight a lot.[3]

Laura Bailey, who played Vex'ahlia in the first campaign, is married to Travis in real life. During a campaign session, the party encountered a room full of traps. Travis, as Grog, slapped Trinket's behind, sending Vex's beloved companion charging through the traps and suffering significant damage. Travis didn't realize how upset Laura would be or how attached she was to her imaginary bear, and she allegedly made Travis sleep on the couch that night when they went home.[4]

Critical Role

Laura and Travis giving each other a high five.

Travis's frequent, sometimes-calm and sometimes-dramatic, use of the phrase "I would like to rage" became an early and long-standing catchphrase for Grog and for all of Critical Role. It inspired multiple works of fan-made art and apparel. Other notable quotes include "I have an intelligence of 6; I know what I'm doing."[5]

Travis often played Grog's low intelligence for comedic effect, such as when he tried haggling with a merchant in Vasselheim and ended up trading the merchant more than was asked.[6]

When asked if he could be any character besides Grog, Travis jokingly said he would be Trinket.

Travis's Player Characters

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One-Shots and Miniseries

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  • Travis is tied with Liam for most characters played, at 16.
  • On Talks Machina, the host Brian Wayne Foster likes to "#ThankMyGuests" with names that are either mispronounced or wordplay that sounds close to their names. Here are the names for Travis Willingham so far:
  • Tarvis Wellingrod
  • Ravish Twirlingman
  • Ravish Twirlingham
  • Trap His Quilting Hand
  • Catpiss Woolyman
  • Kravitz Fillinghand
  • Krampus Thrillingvan
  • Bad Wrist Drilling Hand
  • Has His Quill in Hand
  • Ravish Hulkingslam
  • Travis Has Killed a Man
  • Trapeze in Nottingham
  • That Is Really Glam
  • Talking Sword in Hand
  • Texmex Warlockman
  • Have This Mustang Man
  • Dat Hex Killing, Man
  • Fjather to be
  • Badass Winning Hand
  • Backstory Stalling-man
  • That Eye’s Inside Me, Man!
  • Hours before the livestream of "The Gates of Zadash" (2x08), Laura tweeted a D&D character sheet for "Baby Willingham", announcing her and Travis's pregnancy.[7]
  • On June 28 2018, 4 hours before the livestream of "Divergent Paths" (2x25), Laura gave birth to her and Travis's son, Ronin.[8]
  • Travis' chosen drink for his Between the Sheets interview was an old fashioned.

Idiot's Guide to Sailing

  • Every Halloween, the cast of Critical Role dresses up in costume for one episode. Travis has dressed up as Helga, the angry tavern wench (2015), Sylas Briarwood (2016), Joel Miller (2017), Bargain Bin Cowboy (2018), Two-Face (2019), and Orly Skiffback (2020).
  • Travis is known for his fear of horror and other spooky things. One of the rewards for The Legend of Vox Machina kickstarter involved him walking through a haunted house, with a camera filming all of his reactions.[9]
  • To help him roleplay Fjord's sailor backstory, Travis filled a binder with information like ship terminology, types of knots and sailing terms separated by alphabetical dividers. The binder is labelled "Idiot's Guide to Sailing".[10]

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