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Fan art of a TravelerCon flyer, by @JustHustina.[art 1]

TravelerCon is the informal name for an upcoming gathering of worshippers of The Traveler. The Traveler scheduled it for the Zenith (26th) of Unndilar,[1] the first day of summer. It is set to take place on Rumblecusp, a tropical volcanic island south-southwest of Nicodranas.[2]

The Traveler eventually told Jester that he had intended it to be a chance for his followers to meet and develop connections with each other, so that they would be less reliant on him.[3] The Traveler gave Jester the responsibility of planning TravelerCon.[4] When the mighty Nein arrived on Rumblecusp, however, they discovered that anyone there gradually lost their memory and fell under the sway of the false god Vokodo, remaining permanently on the island to serve him. When Jester confronted the Traveler and asked if he had known this, he admitted he had, and referred to it as a backup plan.[5]

As of the end of "Campaign 2 Episode 105" (2x105), TravelerCon is happening in six days.[6]

The name TravelerCon was coined by Marisha[7] and is a reference to popular media gatherings, such as anime and comic book conventions.


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  1. Fan art of a TravelerCon flyer, by @JustHustina (source).  Used with permission.
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