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Fan art of A Statue of Torog encountered within his prison, by Callum Lyall.[art 3]

Torog, the Crawling King is an evil god of torturers, slavers, and jailers. His worshippers are those who take others' freedom and creatures living in the darkness below. It is said that pathways under the world are the result of his tears of pain and anger, and his realm is a network of deadly caves and manacles. He was defeated during the Calamity by the the Dawnfather and the Everlight.


Torog is largely depicted as a swollen, malformed worm slithering through the darkness below with a hairless human head at the helm, three arms carving through a lightless rock.


As the patron god of slavers and jailers, the Crawling King offers guidance to those who rob others of freedom.

The Crawling King is a jealous god, and he will seek to destroy any rivals that try to challenge the Crawling King's rule over the domains of torture and imprisonment.

Since being sealed away by the Prime Deities, the Crawling King has never truly healed from the wounds he suffered. Every attempt to leave his prison is a torturous attempt on his permanently broken body. As the god of torturers, he takes inspiration from each failed attempt as new ways to inflict pain on mortals.



Torog is both the god and creator of the tunnels and caverns of the Underdark beneath Exandria.[2]

During the Age of Arcanum, the archmage Vespin Chloras released the Betrayer Gods from their planar prisons.[4] Torog tortured the Betrayer Gods' enemies at the Bastille of Torment under the Dunrock Mountains[5] and his followers used the caves beneath Ghor Dranas as torture dungeons.[6] A warrior named Ganix attempted to strike down Torog with his army, but his army was defeated, and Torog captured and tortured Ganix, twisting him into the Laughing Hand.[7]

During the Calamity, Torog and his followers tunneled beneath a woodland in the Cyrios Mountains that was home to reclusive elves who worshiped Sehanine, sinking the plateau into a valley. Torog's servants sapped the life and color from the trees at their roots, creating the Pallid Grove. The elves there retreated beneath the Pallid Grove and became pallid elves.[8]

At some point, Moradin and Sehanine secretly built the King's Cage near Bazzoxan as a trap for Torog. It appeared to be a temple to Torog to lure him into using it, but it was a fane that would allow them to banish him.[9]

In one of the war's climactic battles, Alyxian and his allies fought Torog's forces at the gate of the Betrayers' Rise, a dark fortress-temple, and won a hard-fought victory.[10]

Pelor and Sarenrae defeated Torog by luring him aboveground; Pelor pierced his body with 10,000 lances of sunlight. Torog's violent tears carved the pathways under the world, and his followers fled into those tunnels to escape the light. Sarenrae then imprisoned Torog far from Exandria; he remains banished in a sliver of the Far Realm that now borders on the deepest pits (or very base) of the Underdark, "where the boundaries between the worlds grow thin."[3][2]

"Where The River Goes" (2x15)

While investigating a long abandoned arcane laboratory for The Gentleman, the Mighty Nein discovered a journal written by Siff Duthar, which gave the group their first mention of the Crawling King.

"Agreements" (2x61)

Jester scries on a person connected to the opening of rifts to the Abyss, and sees a human writing in a book titled, "The King That Crawls." Fjord and Caleb recall that this is similar to "the Crawling King," a secondary title of one of the Betrayer Gods, Torog. They recall that he is the patron of torturers, jailers, and those who want to rob others of freedom. They recall that there aren't many sketched representations of him, as it's sometimes considered a taboo to make full representations of him, but they recall descriptions of his appearance.

Caduceus communes with the Wildmother and asks whether the King That Crawls is a threat to the people of Rosohna, to which she replies, "The King That Crawls is far beyond any of us. He is of no threat to the people of this city."

"The King's Cage" (2x69)

Obann explained to the Mighty Nein that the King's Cage was a temple to the Crawling King: built around a primal fane of corrupting power. But the temple was actually a trap: unbeknownst to the Crawling King, the temple had been secretly constructed by the Allhammer and the Moonweaver. When the Crawling King was defeated by the holy light of the Dawnfather and the Everlight, the "King's Cage" (as the temple came to be known) was instrumental in imprisoning the Betrayer God. With the Crawling King bound to the fane, he was banished and sealed away at the fane's source of power: the Far Realm.

After the Divergence, the still-corrupted King's Cage fell under the control of the Crawling King's zealots, including the undying Champion of the Crawling King, the Laughing Hand. The followers of the Moonweaver fought the forces of the Crawling King on the very steps of the King's Cage. Upon realizing that the Laughing Hand could never truly be slain, the Moonweaver's celestials martyred themselves to seal away the temple. It was their hope that the King's Cage and the zealots within would remain forgotten, and thus could never be unsealed and unleashed on the world.

That hope was squandered when the Mighty Nein unwittingly helped to unseal the Laughing Hand for Obann, who broke the final seal and freed the imprisoned Champion. When a member of their party unexpectedly turned on them and sided with Obann and the Laughing Hand, the Mighty Nein was forced to retreat. They managed to escape with their lives, but the Chosen of the Crawling King was released back onto the surface world.

Commandments of the Crawling King

Commandments of the Crawling King

  • Seek and exalt places where no light touches.

  • Revel in the pain you inflict upon others, and relish the pain you suffer yourself as an offering to the Crawling King.

  • Imprison those who cannot resist you, and drag all life into the darkness.

Known Worshippers

Appearances and mentions



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