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The Tooth of Zehir is a peninsula on the eastern edge of Blightshore, shrouded in mist. The northern portion is the petrified forest of Strathfell; the southern, an expanse of basalt beaches.


The Tooth of Zehir can be split into three sub-regions: Strathfell; the southern beaches; and the Mordant Isle, the last of which is physically separate from the peninsula, but treated as part of the same region.[1]


Strathfell - Clara

Fan art of Strathfell, by Clara.[art 2]

Strathfell sits in the northern portion of the peninsula, nestled within the Ebonglass Massif. It is a petrified forest and the home of Karkethzerethzerus the Sable Despoiler, an ancient silver shadow dragon commonly known as Karketh. Once, Strathfell was a flourishing forest, where there lived a society of centaurs and wood elves. Karketh destroyed the forest and the elven and centaur nation with energies from the Shadowfell, and has lived there ever since, opening etheric rifts and permitting dangerous creatures from the Shadowfell into the Material Plane. The descendants of the centaurs still patrol the forest and fight back the shadow dragon; they hope to one day defeat him, but as of 835 PD only a few centaurs remain.[2]

The Tooth of Zehir - H Hylobates

Fan art of the beach on the Tooth of Zehir, by H Hylobates.[art 3]

Southern region[]

The area outside of Strathfell but still on the mainland is primarily black sand beaches. Dangerous coral reefs sit within the ocean waters, and there may be rifts to the Shadowfell via the Ethereal Plane throughout the land.[3]

Mordant Isle[]

The Mordant Isle is an island separated from the mainland of the Tooth of Zehir via the Venom Strait. It is home to a race of winged serpentkin who worship Zehir amid the ruins of Sariss. They are said to kill all warm-blooded visitors to the island.[2]



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