We are a proud people, even when pressed into the dirt for as many years as we have been. We reclaim our honor. We reclaim our place in this world. We wish to do this as peacefully as possible, but we have been forced to scrounge and survive through this freedom. We wish you no folly. We wish you no ill will. But we also have learned that trust needs to be earned; it cannot be spoken and given so freely. Both ways. You are right to mistrust, as are we of you. But that is the impasse. One must have faith, in one way or another, if there is to be a compromise.
Tooma, addressing the issue of mutual distrust with Vox Machina.[2]

Tooma is the leader of the Ravenites, a group of tailless dragonborn that were once enslaved by the Draconians. She aided Vox Machina in slaying Vorugal, the Frigid Doom. As an NPC, she is played by Matthew Mercer.

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Fan art of Tooma, by Bri.[art 2]

Tooma is an elderly female dragonborn. She has no tail, and has a very heavy hunch to her back. She is described as being "an almost pitiful-looking sight, physically."[3] Her eyes have a clouded, cataract-ridden look to them. When she smiled, her teeth on one side pulled beyond the lip, giving her face a lopsided look. She wears long, grey robes that are tattered at the edges, with a loose-fitting hood over her head and some sort of wrap draped over her neck and shoulders. Though she was slow-moving, the other Ravenites nevertheless respected her enough to move in step with her.[4]

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