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Tooma is the leader of the ravenites, a group of tailless dragonborn that were once enslaved by the Draconbloods. She aided Vox Machina in slaying Vorugal, the Frigid Doom. As an NPC, she is played by Matthew Mercer.


Fan art of Tooma, by Bri.[art 2]

Tooma is an elderly female ravenite. She has a very heavy hunch to her back and is described as being "an almost pitiful-looking sight, physically." Her eyes have a clouded, cataract-ridden look to them.[5] When she smiled, her teeth on one side pulled beyond the lip, giving her face a lopsided look. She wears long, grey robes that are tattered at the edges, with a loose-fitting hood over her head and large scarf or wrap around her neck draped over her neck and shoulders.[6] Tooma is well respected within her chiefdom — despite her slow motions, ravenites move in step with her.[7]



Tooma, together with her ravenite tribe, were slaves of draconblood dragonborns. After the destruction of Draconia at the hands of Vorugal, they were freed from slavery, only to become subjects of the white dragon.

"The Frigid Doom" (1x64)

While investigating the ruins of Draconia, Vox Machina encountered a group of ravenites, who led them to their leader, Tooma. Vox Machina managed to convince Tooma of their mutual goals and form a shaky alliance. She was worried that the resources and hunting the ravenites provided to the dragon would not continue to satisfy it. She wanted to defeat the dragon so it would not ruin her people and so they would have a chance to be truly free. Vox Machina agreed to return in two weeks with word or else the ravenites would go to Vorugal.

"Trust" (1x70)

Vox Machina returned to the Dreemoth Ravine to inform Tooma and the ravenites of their plan to defeat Vorugal. They informed her that they were going to release a beast to lure the dragon out of its lair. They wanted the Ravenites ready to attack, and Tooma agreed.

"Vorugal" (1x71)

The next morning, Vox Machina decided to postpone their plans, so Scanlan and Vex returned to the ravenite's dwelling to update Tooma on the change in plan. They woke up Tooma and righted their error, setting the date for a day after tomorrow. Vex explained they would be releasing a fiend and hoping it would wear Vorugal down. Scanlan clarified some details about the hunts and Tooma went back to sleep.

During the actual assault, Tooma sent Skork to co-ordinate with Vox Machina on the behalf of the ravenites.

"The Elephant in the Room" (1x72)

After the fight, Tooma and a group of ravenites were investigating the throne in Vorugal's lair, warned by Vex, Tooma called back her party away from the spheres used as a means of communication between Chroma Conclave. Scanlan confirmed Vorugal's death and Tooma thanked them for freeing her people. Displeased by their inactivity in the fight, Scanlan requested the ravenite's aid in the final battle against the leader of the Chroma Conclave, the Cinder King, but Tooma said they did not have their interest there and were not a menacing army. Vex'ahlia tried to convince them otherwise, telling her that this was an opportunity to reunite with the world, but Tooma insisted to stay and make everything she could for the ravenite's prosperity. At last, Scanlan persuaded Tooma to create a memorial to Tiberius Stormwind with a plaque that would say: "I encourage peace".


Appearances and mentions


  • Skork: "You should talk to Tooma."[8]
    Travis (mimicking Arnold Schwarzenegger from the Kindergarden Kop): "Not a tumor"
    Marisha (mimicking Arnold Schwarzenegger from the Kindergarden Kop): "It is not a tumor"


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