The Tombtakers[2] was a small splinter group based out of Shadycreek Run around 833 P.D.

History[edit | edit source]

At some point in or before 831 P.D.,[3] Cree and Lucien/Nonagon had been part of some some sort of order. Lucien believed that the order was clouded in their thinking and wanted to seek a different path. Breaking off, he took a splinter group north to Shadycreek Run and started the Tombtakers.

The Cobalt Soul believed that the Tombtakers were studying the blood magics used by Lucien/Nonagon, which had been known to temporarily enchant weapons, augment physiology, and been linked to some forms of lycanthropy.[4] They were also doing mercenary work, unlawful acquisitions of things, thieving, and some bodyguarding. They were hired for a number of expeditions into the ruins of Molaesmyr, among other places.[5]

In 833 P.D., Lucien had acquired a tome with the ritual spell required to reach a mysterious city.[6] The group contacted a female spellcaster "from the capital" (presumably Rexxentrum) who came to oversee and perform the ritual for him.[7]. During the process, something went wrong and Lucien appeared to die. They buried Lucien in the woods outside of a hideout the group had been using. The spellcaster took the book and left.[8] Following Lucien's previous instructions, the group scattered and vanished, waiting for his return.[9]

As of 2 Brussendar 836 PD, Lucien/Mollymauk and Cree appeared to be back together, trudging through a snowy landscape.[10]

Members[edit | edit source]

Dead Members[edit | edit source]

  • Jurrell: Met with the axe of the law shortly after Nonagon was buried.[16]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In Matt's notes on "Harvest Close" (2x17) it is spelled "Tombtakers".[13] In episode transcripts, both before and long after that episode, the spelling is "Tomb Takers".[17][18][19]

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