The Titanstone Knuckles are a set of powerful gauntlets, and one of the Vestiges of the Divergence.


According to Kamaljiori, the Titanstone Knuckles were taken from the brutalized corpse of their proud owner and worn by a terrible half-giant turned tyrant in Westruun.[1] According to Grog Strongjaw, his uncle Kevdak possessed the Titanstone Knuckles as one of his two prized weapons.[2] It is unknown if Kevdak understood their true origin or power.  After Vox Machina successfully dispatched Kevdak, the large gauntlets were passed to Grog.[3]

The Titanstone Knuckles became exalted after Grog just barely defeated Earthbreaker Groon within the Trial Forge, the temple of Kord in Vasselheim. Two beams of light, similar to lightning strikes, came down from the ceiling of the temple, hitting the gauntlets and causing them to glow.[4]



Wondrous item, legendary (requires attunement)

Carved from the heartstone of a ruined earth primordial, these gauntlets bestow immeasurable might to the wearer.[5]

Dormant State

  • The wielder's Strength score becomes 22.
  • The wielder gains the Siege effect of being able to deal double damage against objects and structures.

Awakened State

  • The wielder's Strength score becomes 24.
  • The wielder can use an action to grow in size as per the Enlarge spell for 10 minutes. They cannot use this ability again until they finish a long rest.

Exalted State

  • The wielder's Strength score becomes 26.
  • While the wielder is under the effects of the Enlarge spell granted by this item, they gain resistance to fire, cold, and lightning damage. This lasts as long as they are affected by the spell.



  1. Fan art of Kevdak wearing the Titanstone Knuckles, by David Rodrigues (source).  Used with permission.
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