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Queen Titania is an Archfey of the Feywild, and the Queen of the Summer Court.[1]






Queen Titania was considered a powerful and influential archfey whose powers were able to bend her surroundings to her will.[2][3]

She used to set traps in the Feywild for outsiders. Once, a powerful balor named Naviask entered the plane to destroy it, and fell in one of those traps. Titania's magic changed the demon's essence and objective, turning him into a good fey spirit with the mission of "healing scarred lands with nature."[1]


  • Outside of Critical Role canon, Titania is considered both the queen of the Summer Court and the ruler of the Seelie fey.[4] However, in Exandria she is solely mentioned as queen of the Summer Court, while Lady Elmenore the Unforgiving is the Archfey holding the title of "Matriarch of the Seelie Court".[5]
  • Outside of Critical Role canon, she is usually portrayed as having a romantic yet complicated relationship with a character named Oberon: they are considered lovers in 5th Edition rules, and husband and wife in older editions and in A Midsummer Night's Dream. Oberon has been mentioned as the kind of character who would be an archfey,[6] but hasn't been confirmed as a character in the Critical Role universe.


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