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Tinkertop Inventions was a small shack in Hupperdook. It was owned by Cleff Tinkertop.[1]

Building Description[]

The roof, door, and siding were made out of metallic sheets with rivets in it. It had a chimney and a sign out front Tinkertop Inventions.[2]


On the inside there were, wall to wall, clocks of all sizes: some broken with springs exposed, some that were fixed and clicking away, some that had small sculptures that moved in a circle around a central area. There were partially made pulleys, small toys that were set up on the corner, some wooden, some metal, and all of them had some sort of built-in clockwork locomotion to them, though they were currently still. There were two sets of lanterns that were hanging in the back, giving the faint light which was giving this dark silhouette to a lot of the objects, but the objects were very beautiful and very well made.[3]

Known Stock[]


"The Hour of Honor" (2x24)[]



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