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Timorei is one of the Somnovem of the mutated Cognouza Ward of the city of Aeor. As an NPC, Timorei is played by Matthew Mercer.


Timorei - @thetaterart

Fan art of Timorei, by @thetaterart.[art 2]


Timorei's appearance, age, race, or gender prior to the flight of Cognouza into the Astral Plane and their subsequent transformation are unknown.

When Timorei was encountered by the Mighty Nein in the warped and mutated flying city, he had apparently become part of the single organism. He was able to assume the shape of the blank people-like creatures that populated the area, and spoke telepathically through the form of a giant red eye consuming one of their heads.[3]


While it is unknown what the pre-Calamity Timorei's personality was, they were almost completely mad at the time the Mighty Nein met him. Their overpowering personality trait was fear, expressed over and over.[4] Despite that, they retained enough sanity to try and chastise Lucien after he disrespected the Somnovem.[5]


Timorei was one of the nine leaders, the Somnovem, of the Aeorian neighborhood called Cognouza.[6] Those leaders led the ward to escape the destruction of Aeor by the gods and transport themselves into the Astral Sea, where they encountered a "psychic storm that wracked every mind and spirit and shattered them until they became one with their own city."[7] "Thousands of people and the Somnovem that guided them were broken, and over time slowly reformed, powerful, the instinct of their dreams driving them, in a place where they could will their dreams to be, were their will not so fragmented."[8]

Timorei was the Somnovem that encouraged Lucien Tavelle to move beyond his fear and doubts,[9] and also the first to warn him not to trust Vess DeRogna in 833 PD.[10]

After a resurrected Lucien and his friends, the Tombtakers, traveled to Eiselcross in 836 DP the Nonagon began to realize that as powerful as they were, the Eyes of Nine they behaved like children. That offended the Aeorian philosophers, who decided to teach him a lesson by not warning the tiefling about the trap that the Mighty Nein had set in the ruins of Aeor. Only Timorei said "death," too late to serve as a warning, and then taunted Lucien for calling the Somnovem "children".[11]

Timorei was the first of the Somnovem that the Mighty Nein encountered in Cognouza. They contacted Caleb Widogast telepathically in the form of one of the quasi-people populating the courtyard where the group had landed, causing one of its eyes to turn red and swell massively, and saying, "You know the terror of the end, mortal ones. The nothing, the acceptance of fate or even oblivion. We-- we cannot end. No, at all costs, oblivion must be destroyed. We will endure!"[12]

Timorei seemed desperate and insane, with a profound sense of terror. They said they could protect one another and begged for their aid, adding that Elatis and Luctus tried to bring darkness by embracing the unknown, their reasons were madness, and they must be stopped. Their essence could be found and destroyed within the Aether Crux. Timorei also asked Caleb, "Where is he? Where is the Nonagon? His second walks, but he is beyond our sight." They explained that the Nonagon was going to help Cognouza go home. The Somnovem were nine, and under the nine and within them, many. As they said "many," all the artificial passer-bys in the street joined in unison. Timorei warned Caleb that they must be wary of "the rest." They could sense them coming. The eye then reverted to normal and the person liquified into the ground.[13]

Timorei's named eye attack by Lucien (when he was transformed into the composite Neo-Somnovem) created Fear.[14] Even on a successful Wisdom save, however, the eye sometimes gave the target a new red eye marking.[15]


Appearances and mentions[]


  • Timorei: (after all the Tombtakers but Lucien and Cree were fatally wounded) "We could have warned you. We could have saved them. Who is the helpless child now?"[17]
  • Timorei: "You know the terror of the end, mortal ones. The nothing, the acceptance of fate or even oblivion. We-- we cannot end. No, at all costs, oblivion must be destroyed. We will endure!"[18]
  • Timorei: "Driven by fear, you are powerful."[19]


  • The name "Timorei" likely is derived from the Latin word for fear, "timor". Appropriately, his demeanor tended towards terror and anxiety.
  • Due to their lack of physical description and the fact that their pronouns are never mentioned, this article uses "they/them" pronouns for Timorei.
  • Their voice was high and quavering, discordant like a too-tight lute string.[20]



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