Tieflings are humanoids with devilish or demonic ancestry. This results in the presence of an array of fiendish features being present in any given tiefling. Horns, tails, claws, scales, wings, and fangs are fiendish trademarks, although their appearance and ancestry does not necessarily mean that tieflings are evil themselves.

Society Edit

Because of their striking appearances, tieflings are often discriminated against. As a result, many tieflings live their lives as hermits or outcasts. In rare cases, tieflings might form enclaves among themselves.

In societies that are more tolerant, tieflings tend to adopt the culture of their parents, and live normally.

Alignment and Religion Edit

Despite their fiendish heritage and the insidious influence of prejudice, tieflings can be of any alignment. Some accept their demonic blood and live their lives relatively unhindered by the stigma of being a fiend-spawn. Others, however, might loathe their condition, or succumb to a dark, ancestral call and become twisted beings.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Many tieflings are very intelligent and can inherently speak many languages. Tieflings are resistant to fire. Based on their physiology, some tieflings can bite, claw, leap, or sprint. Some tieflings have scales that provide armor, or a flexible tail that can carry items and grapple foes.

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