Tieflings are humanoids with devilish ancestry. They are distinguished by the large horns on their head, and are known for extravagant appearance and their often carefree attitude.


A tiefling's diabolic origins results in the presence of an array of fiendish features being present in any given tiefling. Horns, tails, hooves, fangs, and rarely wings are fiendish trademarks, although their appearance and ancestry does not necessarily mean that tieflings are evil themselves. They have a wide array of skin tones, most commonly deep crimson, but also purple, blue, green, and even yellow and pink. Tiefling parents of similar skin colors can have varying-colored children.[10]

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Tieflings are thought to have been created in Issylra during the Age of Arcanum by a cabal of warlocks seeking to gain more otherworldly power. As a result of this bargain, their children were marked with the fiendish influence of their masters.[11] An alternative theory suggests that the first tieflings were created in the city of Ghor Dranas in Wildemount, as a result of the cities inhabitants tying their bloodlines to Asmodeus in exchange for magical knowledge.[12]

While tieflings are not particularly common across Exandria, their presence is well known enough that they are rarely persecuted for their extravagant appearance and diabolic origin.[10] Tieflings rarely live in rural communities, sticking to the more studied and diverse urban cities.[11]

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Many tieflings are very charismatic and are also quite intelligent. Due to their devilish ancestry, tieflings are resistant to fire and can see in dim light and darkness. Their infernal legacy grants them a small number of magically abilities, including amplifying their voice, changing their eye color, and minor manipulation of fire. More powerful tieflings can wreath their enemies in fire if they are attacked and can create pockets of magical darkness.

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