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The Tidepeak Tower is a mage tower located in the center of the Open Quay in the port city of Nicodranas. It belongs to Yussa Errenis who is also the owner of the Open Quay.[1]

Building Description[]

Lying in the the center of the Open Quay, Tidepeak is a singular 450 foot tall massive tower that looms over the entire district. It has a diameter of 90 feet and has no doors or windows. It has a number of small balconies dotted around the tower and it comes to a slight roofed peak that is a sharpened point. It is made of dark- and light-flecked emerald stone. It sticks out, and there are no buildings up against it.[2]

The tower seems to have some sort of permanent illusion cast over it which makes it appear smaller at a distance, and grows to its full height when approached. This enchantment allows the tower to seem unobtrusive and inconspicuous on the Nicodranas skyline.[3] A different illusion makes the balconies look like paintings, becoming more solid and real whenever they're being used.[4]


There is a gathering chamber or very simple sitting room at the base of the tower containing two couches facing each other at an angle upholstered in velvety deep red-brown maroon[5][6][7] There are no windows but it has a hanging chandelier, a very simple metal ring with glass baubles placed in six different places along it that give a soft, pulsing warm orange glow. It has a nice dark, comfortable den atmosphere.[8]

The teleportation circle is on an upper floor, reached via a spiral staircase.[9]


Tidepeak houses its own teleportation circle, with its use reserved "for the select friends" Yussa Errenis keeps.[10]

The tower also has an amplification chamber with three brass tripod structures holding residuum crystals pointing inward, that the wizard uses to make spells like Locate Object or Scrying even more powerful and far-reaching. He allowed Jester Lavorre to use this chamber once, so she could locate a missing threshold crest.[11]


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