The Tidepeak is a mage tower located in the centre of the Open Quay in the port city of Nicodranas. It belongs to Yussa Errenis who is also the owner of the Open Quay.[1]

Building DescriptionEdit

Lying in the the center of the Open Quay, the Tidepeak is a singular 450 feet tall massive tower that looms over the entire district. It has a diameter of 90 feet and has no doors, and no windows. It has a number of small balconies dotted around the tower and it comes to a slight roofed peak that is a sharpened point. It is made of dark- and light-flecked emerald stone. It sticks out, and there are no buildings up against it. It is dotted with balconies and comes to a sharpened point on the roof. As one walked away from the tower, it seemed to unnaturally shrink into the skyline.[2]



The Tidepeak houses its own transportation circle, with its use reserved "for the select friends" Yussa Errenis keeps.[3]


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