Tiberius Stormwind was a dragonborn sorcerer and a former member of Vox Machina. He was played by Orion Acaba.

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"Greetings and salutations. I am Tiberius Stormwind. I hail from a town called Tyriex, located in the heart of Draconia, born from a politically respected family.

At the age of 15, I succeeded in passing the Sorcerer's Rite, showing prodigy-like control of my magic. The judges and the Draconian high council were amazed at how powerful my spells were for how long I had been training. At 20 years old, I was the youngest appointed member of the magic guild in Draconian history. For the next few years, I almost went mad from the malaise of being a guild member, as it's rather boring.

However, one day I happened upon a chamber, unused for quite some time. In the room were stacks of books and maps of the surrounding cities and areas around the known world. For months I would frequent the chamber, and learned of artifacts from legend. After a long period of research, I made a list of artifacts that caught my eye. I brought these findings to the high council and was told that all of the information in the chamber I stumbled upon was either believed to be fiction or unsolvable mysteries and hence were lost forever. I found those answers to be unacceptable.

A year later I devised a ruse and managed to convince the city council to lend support in me leaving Draconia on a mission of peace and diplomacy for the surrounding kingdoms, going from town to town and making friends and allies, in and for the name of Draconia. Being a red dragonborn, I had quite the task on my hands in that respect, but it was exactly what I needed so I could explore the world and find these artifacts, as I felt the truth was out there.

Some may describe me as buffoonish, but I say poppycock to all that. I am much sharper than most give me credit for. I just don't pay attention to things sometimes. I've also been known to be rather cunning, loyal, happy-go-lucky, and well, dangerous. I can't help but show my true scales now and then. But overall, I think I'm quite friendly for a dragonborn."[9]

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Tiberius was a red Dragonborn who wore glasses and a blue robe embroidered with green.

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Orion described Tiberius as a "false buffoon", where it appears he does not know what he's doing but reveals himself to be quite capable in a battle.

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Tumblr nqxvzoSsOU1u0rm2vo1 1280

Fan art of Tiberius Stormwind, by Andrew Keller.[art 1]

Tiberius hailed from Tyriex in Draconia, where he came from a large political family. Besides his personal quest, Tiberius's reason for leaving Draconia was to avoid being forced into the Draconian Council. He was fluent in the Common, Draconic, and Dwarvish languages.

Tiberius was often portrayed as quite absent-minded, as shown in "Arrival at Kraghammer" (1x01) when he disguised himself as a dwarf named Tiberius Kraghammer while in the city of Kraghammer. Orion described Tiberius as a bit of a buffoon; however, this was partly due to Tiberius presenting himself as such to throw people off guard.

Draconian society had institutional class- and tail-based slavery, which is why Tofor Brotoras had negative reactions to Tiberius.[10] When Tofor made it clear she didn't like him, Tiberius responded by insulting her any time she spoke up and referred to her as "peasant" instead of using her name.[11]

Tiberius possessed substantial power and was capable of annihilating large numbers of opponents very quickly, as seen in "The Trick about Falling" (1x05) and "The Throne Room" (1x07). He was very resourceful and had several means of teleporting to locations such as Draconia or Emon, which the group frequently visited. Tiberius may have worshiped Bahamut, as in "Escape from the Underdark" (1x13), he shouted "By the blessings of Bahamut, I choose Emon!" while casting Teleportation Circle.[12]

After Grog had been captured in the Underdark and lost the Bag of Holding along with the Mending Wheel, Tiberius went to Draconia and purchased his own Bag of Holding in which to store the Mending Wheel, as it was his artifact and a part of his quest. Tiberius's Bag of Holding was made of wyvern skin.

Before the Stream Edit

Tiberius once disguised himself as a female troll to distract a couple of male trolls that were around a fire. The situation almost ended badly for Tiberius, but his teammates and Allura Vysoren rescued him.

After half of the party fell into a cistern under Emon, they fought an aboleth that resided in the waters. In their search for an escape, they found the remnants of an ancient town where a hag named Trysta resided. Tiberius made a deal with Trysta that, in exchange for helping the party escape and giving them the Mending Wheel, she could take a part of Tiberius's fortune. Tiberius never learned what that meant. The party also agreed to get rid of a group of umber hulks which had built their nest in the ruins. During this battle, Tiberius killed one of the umber hulks by dropping it out of the nest. He later jumped out of the nest down a 170-foot drop and drank a Feather Fall potion, barely managing to make a saving throw.

Tiberius was inside the Ivory Tower when it collapsed into a pearl due to Allura's security magic, though he safely jumped out of the window and cast Feather Fall on himself to avoid taking damage.[13]

Tiberius was so enraged after Juurezel the glabrezu killed Pike that he couldn't speak coherently, and he sobbed when Pike came back to life.

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Fan art of Tiberius Stormwind, by David Rodrigues.[art 2]

"The Path to Whitestone" (1x27) Tiberius wrote to his father, Kruvanis, invoking "the ambassador's right of wartime" and requesting an army to be readied to attack the Briarwoods-controlled Whitestone. Kruvanis admonished him: the authority to invoke war belonged not to Tiberius but to himself, and Tiberius — who was inexperienced and thus prone to jumping at shadows — had one chance to provide solid proof.[14]

"Stoke the Flames" (1x30) During the journey to Whitestone, Tiberius left the party to better prepare himself for the upcoming conflict. While gone, he tried to convince the Draconians to help them and did not return to Whitestone.

"A Musician's Nostalgia" (1x37) Upon returning to Emon, Tiberius announced to the other members of Vox Machina that he was leaving, as the "path of Vox Machina and the path of Tiberius Stormwind haven't been aligned for some time." Specifically, he hadn't made progress on his quests or earned the respect of his family.[15]

Chapter 5 Edit

"The Frigid Doom" (1x64) Tiberius Stormwind's body was discovered by Percy, who found it frozen in ice and locked in time as a hero defending Draconia from Vorugal the Frigid Doom. Unable to transport his body at the time, Vox Machina gave a short burial service for their longtime friend and ally. However, following the death of Vorugal, Scanlan approached the Ravenites to discuss a more permanent and dignified burial beneath the dragon's former lair. Among the requests was that a statue of Tiberius be built atop his grave, with an etching below reading "I Encourage Peace". Tooma, the leader of the Ravenites, agreed with Scanlan's request and tasked Korsa, one of the Ravenites' finest stonemasons, with the construction of the statue.[16]

Relationships Edit


Fan art of Allura and Tiberius, by Wendy Sullivan Green.[art 3]

Tiberius had two brothers: Jerahd, a warlock he would contact for information on creatures and artifacts, and Faeryn, a silver dragonborn monk in another D&D campaign that Orion played. Faeryn and Tiberius did not interact during the stream, but Orion tweeted a picture of a letter Tiberius sent to Faeryn along with a Tear of Bahamut. Tiberius also had a sister named Drakka, a bronze dragonborn. However, Matthew Mercer implied that Tiberius may not be his father's child.[17] Though Vox Machina learned of Tiberius's death,[18] the party never learned the fates of his siblings.

Keyleth Edit


Fan art of Tiberius comforting Keyleth, by Kit Buss.[art 4]

Tiberius and Keyleth had a strong friendship, with Tiberius acting as a sort of loyal adviser and referring to Keyleth as "Your Highness" whenever he helped her through a very emotionally tough time. This was partly seen in "Glass and Bone" (1x08) when Keyleth became upset and difficult to reason with during an argument with Lady Kima.

Scanlan Edit

Tiberius and Scanlan had a somewhat bullying form of friendship that started at some point before the stream.

Vex'ahlia Edit

Tiberius and Vex'ahlia were good friends. Tiberius was overjoyed at seeing Vex again when Vox Machina reunited after the events of the Trial of the Take, and he embraced her first when Vex'ahlia's group returned to the Slayer's Take guild.

Tiberius has admitted to being attracted to Vex'ahlia. This was seen in "The Rematch" (1x23) when Tiberius asked Scanlan to describe Vex'ahlia's breasts to him after he missed seeing her flash Grog during Grog's fight with Kern. Later in the episode, while Tiberius scolded Vax'ildan for being harsh on Kynan, he admitted to being frightened of and attracted to Vex.

Lady Allura Edit

At some point, Tiberius became infatuated with Lady Allura. While she hinted that she liked him as well, it was still ambiguous, and their relationship turned south after "Crimson Diplomacy" (1x25). Tiberius also stated to the rest of Vox Machina that Allura was more powerful than him.

Character Information Edit

Quests Edit

His personal journey was to collect several fabled magical artifacts that were rumored to either be myths or no longer exist. Artifacts

  • Mending Wheel (found)
  • Boros Ring
  • God's Hammer
  • Pale Stone
  • Ropes of Mercy

One of Tiberius' personal goals was to find a way to re-enchant the Carpet of Flying, which lost its ability to fly after it was nearly destroyed by acid.

Notable Items Edit

Tiberius's Crafted Items Edit

Tiberius enchanted some magical items for the group:

Abilities Edit

Tumblr nsdpxlzOMu1st1c35o1 1280

Fan art of Tiberius Stormwind, by Andy Lee.[art 5]

Tiberius was known for having various spells which he often used in combat. His trademark spell in combat was Fireball.

Dragonborn Abilities Edit

Sorcerer Abilities Edit

Sorcerer Spells Edit

Cantrips Edit
1st-level Edit
2nd-level Edit
3rd-level Edit
4th-level Edit
5th-level Edit
  • Obelisk of Iron[61]
  • Telekinesis[62]
  • Teleportation Circle[63]
6th-level Edit
  • Chain Lightning[64]

Quotations Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Tiberius has the lowest Wisdom score of any playable character on Critical Role thus far.
    • This is also the lowest score for any individual stat for any player character thus far, tied with Shakäste's strength score.
  • In the Critical Role Major Arcana Tarot Card Set, Tiberius represents I - The Magician.

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