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Thuron (pronounced "Thuh-ron") was a drow echo knight who infiltrated the Zauber Spire and retrieved a Luxon beacon that had been stolen from Xhorhas. As an NPC, Thuron was played by Matthew Mercer.



He[2] had dark blue-purple skin, whitish gray hair that went just past the shoulders when not tied up in a tight bun,[3] and prominent white incisors.[4]

He wore jet-black, chitinous insect-like leather armor that protruded in large sweeping hooks at the joints and the shoulders. He wore a form-fitting helmet of similar black leather that had onyx studs wrapped around the head. The brow plate of his helmet had backwards facing horns, looking almost demonic.[5]




Thuron claimed to have lived four lifetimes due the power of the beacon.[6]

"Midnight Espionage" (2x12)[]

Thuron was one of the two drow sent to Zadash to retrieve the beacon. After a huge explosion that almost collapsed the Zauber Spire, Thuron and his companion managed to escape to the streets of Zadash, the powerful artifact now in possession of Thuron. While his companion was slain by the wizards that were giving chase to the drow, Thuron, severely wounded, managed to hide in the sewers of Zadash. While taking a brief rest, the Mighty Nein found him. After speaking a few sentences to the party, even though Caleb tried to cast Comprehend Languages in order to communicate with Thuron, the drow suddenly attacked the unsuspecting party. [7]

"Lost & Found" (2x13)[]

Molly Thuron Hugo Cardenas

Fan art of Molly interrogating Thuron, by Hugo Cardenas.[art 2]

He battled the Mighty Nein, but was ultimately knocked unconscious. He was tied up and interrogated with the aid of Molly's Charm Person spell.[8] He was released with his armor and the beacon, but quickly cornered and killed by the Crownsguard. The Crownsguard paraded his corpse through the city towards the King's Hall, while the beacon was carried off by a separate group.[9]


He seemed to have some familiarity with Ulog, as his eyes and his nostrils flared when Ulog's name was mentioned during the Mighty Nein's interrogation of him.[10]

Character Information[]

Thuron's name meant "blessed second born" in Undercommon.[11] He spoke Undercommon[12] and broken Common.[13] He was right-handed.[14]


Unless otherwise noted, the following abilities are assumed from the standard Dungeons & Dragons materials:

Drow Abilities[]

  • Superior Darkvision
  • Sunlight Sensitivity
  • Drow Weapon Training
  • Drow Magic
    • Dancing Lights cantrip
    • Faerie Fire spell
    • Darkness spell[15]

Other Abilities[]

Magic Brand[]

As part of one of his sword attacks, Thuron could magically mark one of his enemies by burning a glowing symbol over their flesh. Although the effect had a burning singe it did not actually burn into the skin.[16]

Shadowy Echo[]

The first time he stuck someone with his sword or he took damage[17] in a round, he could create a shadowy echo of himself. As a flash of grayish energy scattered from such an impact, the energy would congeal into a semi-corporeal, somewhat translucent clone made of dark grayish shadow energy.[18]

Such echoes were able to make a single separate attack each turn equal in strength to Thuron's, though dissipated when they successfully struck their target[19] or when they took damage.[20]

Transpose Echo []

Thuron could use his reaction to switch places with a shadowy echo.[21]

Notable Items[]

  • Waste Hunter Blade:[22] a gnarly-looking magical[23] curved hooked longsword[24][25] that he kept in a sheath.[26] The blade was of a dark graphite-color[27], and especially useful against monstrosities[28][29]
  • The Luxon beacon[30]
  • A pair of magical boots:[31] Made of a very dark brown-black leather with studs, their tops curled up into two spikes at the tip at each side. The boot made one more alert and, once per day, they allowed the wearer to add 1d8 to their initiative roll.[32]
  • Three daggers[33][34]
  • A money pouch filled with 12 gold and 116 platinum pieces in the mintage of the Dwendalian Empire[35]

Appearances and mentions[]


  • “We live. We worship. We learn. We die. We are reborn until we are perfect.”[36]


Thuron CRA

Screenshot of Thuron in Crit Recap Animated, by Offworld Studios.[art 3]

  • His name means "blessed second-born" in Undercommon.[37]
    • It might be possible that he is actually the second-born of his family, implying the existance of an older sibling. However, he could have been named that way by his parents regardless of the etymology, or maybe he did have siblings in a previous life but not in this one.
  • Thuron was the first echo knight and user of dunamancy presented in Campaign Two.
    • He was also the first known character affiliated to the Kryn Dynasty. K'ryyn, from Campaign One, was from Xhorhas,[38] but it's not confirmed if she had ties with the Dynasty.
  • Since Thuron was consecuted[39] and he died very near to the Luxon beacon he was trying to retrieve,[40] his soul would have been taken by the relic, traveling with the Mighty Nein when they recovered it.[41]
    • However, because of how the rebirth of the consecuted souls work, it's very possible that Thuron's soul reincarnated within an Empire baby if one of them was born within 100 miles of the Mighty Nein while they carried the beacon.[42][43][44]


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