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Thoreau Lionett Jr., also called T.J. is a human child, the brother of Beauregard Lionett. As an NPC, Thoreau Lionett Jr. is played by Matthew Mercer.



Thoreau Junior, is a young boy of two-and-a-half in the spring of 836 PD, who in many ways looks like a young boyish Beauregard. He has longer hair that’s in a wild curl and looks like he just got out of a shower and had his head briskly dried.[2]




T.J. was born a few months after his older sister Beau was forcibly sent to the The Cobalt Soul in Zadash. When he was born, Beau received a letter from her mother telling her of his birth,[3] which she interpreted as saying, "Don't come home. You've been replaced with a better model." Beau had no interest in meeting him until Fjord suggested that he was innocent of any mistakes her parents might have made, and he was part of her blood.[4]

"Home is Where the Heart Is" (2x92)[]

T.J. meets his sister for the first time when the Mighty Nein visits the Lionett estate. He gave Beau a hug and after telling Beau that his favorite color is green, she gave him the jade necklace she had worn for years.

"Fond Farewells" (2x141)[]

After Thoreau is sentenced to a brief stint in jail and some fines, and as he is escorted out, Beau gives him her Expositor badge and asks him to give it to T.J. for her.


Following the revelations of Zeenoth's trial and Thoreau's time in jail, the dynamic between T.J's parents was shaken, giving Clara the strength and impetus to take her son and leave. "She isn’t without her feeling of guilt for not seeing things as they were/believing him entirely, but she is trying to begin anew and make amends."[5]


Character Information[]


Notable Items[]

  • Jade necklace[6]

Appearances and mentions[]


  • Clara Lionett: Thoreau Junior, I'd like you to meet your older sister Beauregard. Beauregard, this is Thoreau Junior.
    Thoreau Lionett Jr.: Sister?
    Clara: Yes. It's your sister.




  1. Fan art of Beau and T.J., by Malény López Alvarez (source). Used with permission.