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Thordak's Crater is the indentation left by Thordak from his occupation of Emon during the Chroma Crisis.


The crater is located in the Cloudtop District.[1] Even years after the Chroma Conclave's defeat at the hands of Vox Machina, it remains resistant to any reconstruction attempts, and contains molten rock and cinderslag elementals, although those creatures cannot exist beyond the crater.[1]


Exandria Unlimited[]

The adventurers later called the Crown Keepers visited the crater prior to the events of "The Nameless Ones" (E1x01), but lost their memories of the event and the following week.[2] Fearne Calloway remembers Little Mister coming from out of the crater,[3] and Dorian Storm later remembers that Fy'ra Rai had joined them and that they had gone to another place, possibly a different plane.[4]

The memory loss may have been related to a flare at the crater around the same time, as told to them by Lorkathar.[5] Shaun Gilmore confirmed there had been a fire in the area.[6]


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