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Thorbir Falbek[2] is a dwarven fighter and, as part of Vox Machina's initiation to the Slayer's Take guild, a temporary partner of Vax'ildan, Tiberius Stormwind, Keyleth, and Kashaw Vesh. Thorbir is played by special guest Wil Wheaton.



Thorbir is a stout dwarf. He has a large, red, braided beard that is split into sections by ornate rings, with a singed part on its lower right corner. His face is framed by thick white braids which extend until they are about the level of his chin. The braids are concluded with thick metallic rings[3] which both have a different "offensive curse word" carved into them in Dwarvish. He naturally has blue eyes, although his right eye is black, presumably because of the large scar that runs across it. His right arm is tattooed heavily with Dwarvish script.[4][5]


Thorbir is portrayed as being irritating, impatient, and to-the-point, although it seems he has a soft spot for his apparent daughter.

Thorbir has terrible luck, with misfortune frequently falling upon him and his attacks often missing entirely.[6] At one point this led to Kashaw questioning Thorbir's leadership and starting to second-guess the skill of the Slayer's Take as a whole.[7]



Although little is known about Thorbir, it is known that he is a member of the Slayer's Take and that he has probably been one for a long time judging on how the staff are familiar with his character.

"Trial of the Take: Part 3" (1x20)[]

Thorbir Falbek - Linda Lithén

Fan art of Thorbir Falbek, by Linda Lithén.[art 2]

Thorbir was assigned to lead one half of Vox Machina (consisting of Vax, Keyleth, and Tiberius), as well as Kashaw Vesh, on their first contract for the Slayer's Take: hunting a rakshasa. He was very unhappy with the group at first, feeling his job was more of a babysitting position than a leadership one.[8]

Thorbir purchased a mask for a child, pretending that it was for him.[9]

"Trial of the Take: Part 4" (1x21)[]

After slaying the rakshasa, Thorbir seemed to have warmed up to his teammates, being genuinely touched when Vax handed him a glass of ale as they left the Velvet Cabaret.[10] When they returned to the Slayer's Take and handed over their completed contract, Thorbir acknowledged the skills of Vox Machina, saying that the Take has grown much stronger with their membership.[11]

"Dangerous Dealings" (1x42)[]

When Vox Machina returned to Vasselheim following the attack by the Chroma Conclave, the party encountered Thorbir in the Slayer's Take playing cards with Aldor, who commented on Thorbir's terrible luck.[12]


His daughter[]


Fan art of Thorbir buying a mask for his daughter, by Wendy Sullivan Green.[art 3]

While in the Duskmeadow, Thorbir secretly purchased a mask fit for a little girl.[13] It was later revealed through the rakshasa's mind-reading ability that Thorbir has a daughter (implying that the mask is a gift for her). He was shown to be very protective of her, driving a dagger through the eye socket of Hotis's corpse in response to the rakshasa's earlier threats against her.[14]

Vox Machina[]

He was assigned to be the leader of a group consisting of half of Vox Machina and Kashaw Vesh. He was initially hostile to most of the group, seeing the assignment as more of being a babysitter for inexperienced fighters. As the mission progressed, he grew to respect their strength, and outright praised them to Vanessa's face upon the mission's completion. He had the most respect for Vax'ildan, who demonstrated more grace, professionalism, and understanding of the dwarf than the rest of the party, as well as dealing the killing blow on Hotis.

Character Information[]


Dwarf Abilities[]

  • Darkvision
  • Dwarven Combat Training
  • Dwarven Resilience
  • Stonecunning

Fighter abilities[]

  • Fighting Style
  • Second Wind
  • Action Surge (once per rest)
  • Martial Archetype: Battle Master
    • Combat Superiority
    • Student of War
    • Know Your Enemy
    • Improved Combat Superiority
  • Extra attack (3 attacks)
  • Indomitable (one use per day)


As a 10th-level Battle Master, Thorbir knows seven combat maneuvers and has five Superiority Dice, which are d10s.

  • Commander's Strike
  • Goading Attack
  • Precision Strike

Notable Items[]

Appearances and mentions[]


  • "How long does it take me to pull the axe out of the wall, and how far into Yakety Sax does the soundtrack get while I'm up there?"[16]
  • Thorbir: The rat bit through my metal codpiece?
    Matt: It snuck up past the small little gap there and ate through your leather britches, and you are in severe pain, nearing prone.
    Thorbir: Well, I mean us dwarves are known for our dicks that are sensitive to rat bites.
    Matt: This is true. They didn't put that in the Player's Handbook, but I think they're going to amend it to.[17]
  • "I want to know everything about him. I want to know his parents' name. I want to know his social security number. I want to know what his bank account balance is. And I want to know his Ashley Madison password!"[18]


  • In the Critical Role Major Arcana Tarot Card Set, he represents IV - The Emperor.


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