Thed was a halfling rogue. As an NPC, Thed is played by Matthew Mercer.

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He had short, spiky, dark hair and a little goatee that was trimmed to a point at the end of his chin. He had swirled, serpentine shaped tattoos[1] that folded and knotted together in a thick band that completely encompassed his neck.[2] He wore nice, black-gray leather armor.[3] He had two missing teeth on one side and he has a septum piercing up in his nose.[4]

Personality Edit

He was a noted liar, having claimed to be an ale hand that had been using the sewers as a shortcut[5], that he had a key to the sewers[6], and that Jester took his money.

Beau:  "You real thankful?"
Thed:  "Yeah."
Beau:  "Real grateful? You feel like we did you a good service today?"
Thed:  "I'd happily pay you, but your friend already took all my money."
Jester:  "I didn't take anything from you!"
Beau:  "I just want one--"
Laura:  "I didn't take anything from his pockets."
Matt:  "That's what he's saying."
Laura:  (gasp)
Thed's lie after Jester searched his pockets[7]

Thed seems to be afraid of the Gentleman and giving out too much information about him[8].

"Look. I cannot tell you anything, except for, if you want to find him, there is a place you can inquire. If I give you any more information and that gets around, I am deader than that spider would have left me."

"There's a dive, naught but five blocks from here, called The Evening Nip. Don't say his name. Just walk up to the old man behind the counter and mention you'd like a drink, and while you have no coin, you'd be willing to offer many gifts."

"Many gifts' is the important part. Now, I hope that's been of service, and I-- as you seem to be the types who see it fit to save a person that you haven't met in the bottom of a terrible sewer, I would hope that you would be kind enough to know that that information did not come from me, and that you've never seen me before in your entire life."

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Waste and Webs Edit

This halfling was found encased in webbing within the nest of the phase spider within the sewers of Zadash[9]. Having been rescued by the Mighty Nein, when asked he gave them the name "Thed"[10].

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Abilities Edit

  • Thieves' Cant
  • Thieves' Tools

Notable Items

  • A nasty-looking shortsword that had been altered to be jagged at the edge of the blade.
  • A small leather case that’s tucked in the armor[3].

Quotations Edit

  • Nott: I got three gold on Thed
  • Molly: Seems a little late for a wager at this point.

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