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For the summer solstice, also called the Zenith, see Calendar of Exandria.

The Zenith, also known as the Temple of the Dawn,[1] was a temple in Whitestone dedicated to worshiping The Dawnfather.


The exterior of the Zenith temple was built from stone and featured stained glass windows representing sunlight. The temple had a wooden, double door with carvings depicting a flaming wreath similar to outer ring of classical depiction of the sun, going across the sky waving flames you could see waving flame licking the sides of the doors.[2] The interior of the temple had large, 10-foot, stained glass windows about ten feet apart, with three windows on each side. There were pews set up for the worshipers, red carpet, and a raised stone altar behind which was another stained glass window.[3] It is large enough to hold 100 people inside.[4]

In more recent times the temple is in a state of slight disrepair, and its roof is damaged. However, despite its modest appearance it looks welcoming.[5]


In 836 PD the clergy and followers of Pelor were somewhat nervous around the dark-robed clerics of the Matron of Death, since the Altar of the Raven was just next to the Zenith.[1]

In 843 PD, when Ashton Greymoore, Orym, and Chetney Pock O'Pea walked in front of the temple, the former threw a copper in its direction as an offering and an indirect insult, since he and Orym had dealt with hostile followers of the Dawnfather in Hearthdell.[6] The following morning Imogen Temult visited it as well to pray for her girlfriend, and a member of the clergy, Mother Brazilda, gave her advice about faith.[7]


  • The barred door gave Vox Machina an unreasonable amount of trouble.[8]


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