The Velvet Cabaret is a place of leisure for the wealthy and ostentatious of Vasselheim. It is located in the Dusk Meadow district. From the outside, it looks garish. On the inside, the atmosphere is extremely relaxed and tailored to the exclusive clientele. The interior is low-lit, with the primary source of light being Faerie Fire lamps that emit a soft purple hue. There are a multitude of low-set tables surrounded by luxurious cushions. Food and entertainment are plentiful in this palace of leisure.[1]

The staff includes servers that wear silk robes and collars around their necks, and guards that stick to the edges so as not to interrupt the atmosphere.

During the Slayer's Take membership initiation, Vox Machina's second group went to the Velvet Cabaret while hunting a rakshasa, an elusive demon that they were correctly led to believe had taken up residence there.

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