The Truth of Magic is the code that The Arcana Pansophical use to prevent the misuse of magic seen during the time of the Age of Arcanum from ever happening again.[1]

The Three Unbreakable EdictsEdit

"In the eternal interest of the preservation of harmony within the realm of Exandria, we, the Arcana Pansophical, establish the Truth of Magic, and three edicts from which none shall stray. Those arcanists found in gross violation of the Truth will be punished by the full extent of this order—beyond the reach of any local law."[2]

"Though the study of Necromancy shall be restricted to none in the interest of magical understanding, the animation of the dead is a violation of the Truth."[2]

"The Arcane is a tool to be wielded for the good of the people. To use its power in the pursuit of wanton destruction or murder is a violation of the Truth."[2]

"Though the jurisdiction of the Pansophical supersedes the power of local laws, a mage who willfully breaks the laws of the land is in violation of the Truth."[2]


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