The Tombtakers was a faction based inside the Dwendalian Empire around 833 P.D.


At some point in or before 833 P.D., Cree and Lucien had been part of some some sort of order. Lucien believed that the order was clouded in their thinking and wanted to seek a different path. Breaking off, he took a splinter group north to Shadycreek Run and started The TombTakers.

In 833 P.D. the group had gotten mixed up with and contracted a spellcaster lady from Rexxentrum who had some sort of book. During the process of a ritual being performed on Lucien, something went wrong and he appeared to die. Cree buried Lucien in the woods outside of a hideout the group had been using. The spellcaster took the book and left. Following his previous instructions, the group scattered and vanished waiting for his return.[1]


Dead MembersEdit

  • Jurrel. Met with the axe of the law shortly after Nonagon was buried.[5]


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