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"The Tide of Bone" (LVM1x09) is the ninth episode of the first season of The Legend of Vox Machina. The Briarwoods’ evil past connects with the present as Delilah reveals her pact with the Whispered One. In the bloody Whitestone streets, Vox Machina wages the fight of their lives against an undead horde. But just when all looks lost, the team gets help from an unexpected source.

Plot summary[]

In the Briarwoods' manor, Sylas lies ill in bed, and a doctor tells Delilah that there is nothing more to be done. Delilah pleads with the dying Sylas to hold on, and then follows a strange call through the woods where she finds an eerie abandoned building, and in it, her book of necromancy. She returns home and summons a strange entity that appears on the ceiling and revives Sylas. Delilah realizes as she embraces him that he is a vampire.

Back in the present day, Keyleth saves Vax from the zombie horde as the party runs through Whitestone, with Grog clearing the way with his axe. Bryn helps the group find a safe house, where Archie asks Percy what to do next. Percy cedes leadership to Archie, as Vax thanks Keyleth for her help. The zombies then break through the walls and floor, and one bites Scanlan's arm. The rebels and Vox Machina escape to the roof, but several rebels are killed and others desert for fear of their lives. Cassandra urges Percy to speak, but Percy tells her that he's not a good leader. Cassandra and Keyleth also realize that Scanlan's arm bite is serious.

As they all bicker, Archie and Vex urge the party to run from the zombies, and they escape into an alley, then run through the streets where they encounter one of the giants. Percy shoots it with Bad News, but more giants come. Vex then tells everyone to escape and regroup at the Sun Tree. As they do, Duke Vedmire finds Scanlan again. Scanlan runs away. Percy and Archie fight together against the zombies, and Archie encourages Percy to step up and lead the rebels, but Percy still refuses. Vedmire then runs into the fray in his pursuit of Scanlan and Archie engages with Vedmire to protect Scanlan, but is killed. The rebels fall back and Vox Machina retreat through the streets. They are surrounded by zombies, but Keyleth summons her power and freezes a large swathe of them, allowing Vox Machina to escape back to the Sun Tree as planned.

Cassandra again tells Percy to lead the rebels, and he confesses that he does not feel as though he deserves it as he ran away from the Briarwoods. She tells him that he's the only one who can step up, and at her urging, he announces himself to the rebels and gives them a rousing speech. They all rush to battle the hordes of undead.

As they fight, Vax tells Keyleth that he's in love with her. They nearly kiss, but Keyleth then pulls away, telling him "this is like, the worst time."[1] The rebels and Vox Machina are nearly overwhelmed, when thunder crashes and a glowing Pike appears. Scanlan somewhat jokingly proposes, and Grog hugs her. Pike explains that she's astral projecting. She heals Scanlan's injured arm and kills many zombies with radiant light. The tide of the fight is turned, and Vox Machina and the rebels are able to fell the zombies and giants.

At Whitestone Castle, Sylas and Delilah watch the fight and Sylas leaves to join it, but Delilah tells him he's too valuable and that they should instead move ahead now with their plans, rather than waiting.

Vedmire sees the rebels winning and, as he rages, Percy shoots out his leg and leaves him to the people of Whitestone, who fall on him and attack him. Yennen then enters the fight, telling Percy that she believes she saw a sign from the Dawnfather. As they speak, Pike imbues the villagers' weapons with radiant light. Yennen tells Vox Machina that she and the villagers can take it from here, and that Percy should go take back the castle. As the people of Whitestone hang Vedmire from the Sun Tree, Percy and Cassandra bring Vox Machina to a secret entrance. Percy apologizes again to Cassandra as they walk in. The party walks through the dungeons beneath the castle, and as they talk about finding the Briarwoods, are interrupted by a woman in one of the cells who tells them she can bring them there if they free her. Vax begins to pick the lock, but Percy, wearing his mask and wreathed again in black smoke, points The List at her as Keyleth, panicked, tells him to wait.



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Featured characters[]

Vox Machina[]





  • Vax'ildan: (to Keyleth) Hey. You... you know I'm in love with you, right?[2]
  • Pike: May your weapons strike with the divine virtue of the Everlight. Now go crush some fucking heads!![3]



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