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"The Threat Between the Walls" (3x05) is the fifth episode of the third campaign of Critical Role. After stumbling into a literal den of thieves, the group picks up their quarry’s trail and seek the end of the thread they’ve pulled…



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Previously on Critical Role[]

Last we left off: This group of adventurers had completed their first job under the watch and employ of Lord Eshteross. However, the individual that they had chased off seemed to return and levy some vengeance on the wandering Sir Bertrand Bell, who was slaughtered in an alley that night. Upon discovering this, you brought the body to Lord Eshteross, said your goodbyes, and then vowed to find the person responsible and bring them to justice, whatever your version of justice may be.

You asked around about this individual and discovered the name Dugger. Upon finding what bits of information you could, you heard that there may have been a connection, that this individual Dugger worked for the Corsairs, the Hubatt Corsairs, which is one of the criminal factions of the city and region beyond. Upon searching for a member, or some sort of connection to the Hubatt Corsairs, it brought you to the Elder's Post in the Lantern Spire of Jrusar. There, you asked around a bit, encountered Ephred, the Shadow Baker, and asked directly, based on your previous relationship, Ashton, if they could perhaps give you some lead as to where you could speak with one of these members. Things didn't necessarily roll in your favor, but you were given a lead. This led you to the Root Trader alcove here in the Elder Post.

Upon giving the phrase that you've "come for the laughter", you were ushered up through a tight spiral staircase into the deeper rock of the spire by Heron, an eisfuura. You were led into a darkened chamber, barely lit by an oil lantern. The hatch closed behind you, and then, as other lanterns began to come into view lighting the interior, you found yourselves surrounded by a few dozen people, all lit from underneath, their various smiles and grins and mask-covered faces and eyes peering upon you.

Part I[]

A suave half-elf steps forward and asks who sent them and why, warning them to choose their words carefully. Laudna replies that they're looking for the Hubatt Corsairs, and the reaction convinces the party that they've found them. They mention that Dugger murdered a friend of theirs and vehemently deny they're working for the Quorum. In order to trust them, the half-elf requires collateral: Imogen, Ashton, and Dorian must tell him the name and location of someone important to them. Imogen names Relvin Temult, her father in Gelvaan. Ashton names Fresh Cut Grass, thrilling them. Neither Dorian nor Laudna can name anyone, however, and the half-elf eventually accepts the two names and tells them his own: Yash Mangal.

Dugger no longer runs with the Corsairs. He disappeared a few weeks ago and when he returned, he looked and acted different. They've kept an eye on him but weren't aware he had been smuggling brumestone, and are indifferent about the group's proposal to kill him in retribution for Sir Bertrand's death. When asked who they work for, the party remembers that Lord Eshteross asked them to speak favorably about him to the Corsairs, but also remembers they are never to tell anyone they work for him. Their whispered consultations about this are easily overheard, however. Yash Mangal gives them the location of Dugger's home, and tells them that if they learn any information that would be useful to the Corsairs, to return saying they've "come to loosen the snare." They are escorted out.

It is late afternoon, and they decide to try to buy some healing potions on the way, asking directions to Trove of Marwa (a shop Ashton has heard of) from a leather-wares vendor. She offers instead to escort them to a better place. Imogen is able to read her mind, learning she is taking them to Advik, a name they recognize as being one of the potential information contacts suggested by Milo to Ashton.[1] She escorts them to a massive cart, where Advik sells them four healing potions and a set of sending stones. He recognizes Ashton but despite Ashton's concerns doesn't react negatively.

They head to Viduun-Devaar, the Windowed Wall neighborhood of the Core Spire. There, they find Dugger's house next to a spire break (a rock outcropping that hasn't been built upon). They scout the area, then use Prestidigitation to knock on the door from a distance. There is no response. When Imogen uses her Open Mind ability, she senses no one within but does smell an odd musty mildew-y odor.

Rat-Fearne - KageSatsuki

Fan art of Rat-Fearne, by KageSatsuki.[art 1]

The party decides to break in but fails, so Fearne turns into a rat and tries to squeeze under the door but gets stuck. She can see, however, that the interior room is in disarray, with overturned furniture strewn about. Ashton eventually manages to pick the lock just as Imogen pulls rat-Fearne free. Above them, one of the patrolling simurgh riders begins to descend, and they all rush stealthily inside. The investigating sky warden fails to find them and leaves.

Inside, the house looks as if it has been rolled. The unnatural smell of rot is stronger, the floor has occasional sticky spots, and a cloudy translucent oily residue covers everything. It is very humid, with drops of moisture sometimes falling from the ceiling, and organic threads drift from the cracks. FCG finds a hole in the bedroom similar to the one they found in the Weary Way.[2]

Dugger - Lap Pun Cheung

Fan art of Dugger squeezing through the tunnel, by Lap Pun Cheung.[art 2]

Rat-Fearne slowly enters the hole, staying in mental contact with Imogen, and stops when the decline becomes uncomfortable. As she turns to return, she hears a wet chittering noise from lower down. She quickly returns to the bedroom and the party prepares for battle, as a pale dwarven face covered in glistening liquid squeezes from the hole and the broken-shouldered figure of Dugger emerges.


Part II[]

As Dugger emerges, he pulls out his blades and attacks. Almost immediately, a second hole opens in the kitchen area and a shade creeper emerges. As in their previous encounter,[3] the shade creeper is easily killed but hits hard. It almost immediately brings Imogen dangerously close to unconsciousness, but Laudna frightens it away. The party discovers that the scattered pools of glistening liquid are sticky, and can trap people in place when crossed. Dorian throws his caltrops down the hole, causing subsequent creepers to emerge already wounded.

As the party continues to battle Dugger, two more shade creepers emerge from the kitchen hole and seriously wound Dorian. Fearne kills one of them with a Scorching Ray, but another one soon emerges. Orym is also seriously hurt but wounds Dugger just as one of the creatures emerges from within Dugger's back and joins the fray. FCG kills one with a Sacred Flame and Dorian kills another with the moon-touched scimitar, but Dugger regurgitates a thick oil-like substance that poisons Laudna and Orym and another creeper emerges from the hole.

One of the creatures gets a critical hit against Fearne, knocking her unconscious and she fails a death saving throw before FCG heals her with Healing Word, then pulls it away with his grappling cannon before it can explode into flame and hurt her more. Dorian casts Thunder Wave to kill another shade creeper and its fiery explosion also kills Dugger, but two more emerge from the hole. Ashton kills one of the three remaining with his hammer, but the party realizes they have to block that hole or this fight will never end.

The two shade creatures advance on Imogen and attack, knocking her out and immediately inflicting two death saving throws, but Orym uses one of the health potions they had just bought to bring her back. The two creatures are still within melee range of her. Laudna casts Eldritch Blast to kill one and Fearne uses Stonky's ring[4] to move a crate against the hole from which the creepers have been emerging. FCG shoots the final creature with his grappling hook, killing it and pulling it toward himself, and knocking himself out in the process. Dorian immediately brings him back with Cure Wounds.

All the creatures are now dead, but the skittering sound continues and the crate is being pushed from within the hole. Ashton hits the wall above it to partially collapse it, while Imogen moves to the bedroom. Together, Orym uses Gust and Imogen uses Telekinetic Shove to move a crate in front of the second hole as well, followed by a dresser. Back at other hole, Laudna uses her immovable rod to hold the crate in place against the assaults still being made against it from the other side. Eventually, the clawing fades and the skittering noise grows distant.

They search the house and Dugger's body, finding a piece of cable or rope, a small pouch, a coin purse, and his three weapons, but nothing else of interest. The noise has alerted a neighbor, and when they're ready to leave, Dorian goes first and casts Charm Person on him, convincing him it was a party.

They return to Lord Eshteross at his manor. He has chartered a skyship to return Bertrand's body to Tal'Dorei. They tell him they've killed Dugger and all that's happened, including their run-in with the Corsairs. Lord Eshteross will ask around to see if anyone else knows anything about any of this. He pays them a bounty he's placed for the murderer of Bertrand, and tells Orym he's reaching out to coordinate a meeting between Orym and Oshad Breshio.

The party heads to the Spire by Fire Inn for an evening of entertainment and much-needed rest.

Featured Characters[]

Player Characters[]





  • Yash Mangal: So who sent you? Why? Choose your words carefully, as points deducted for falsehood and bad humor will only prolong your eventual pain.
  • Fearne (after debating whether to namedrop Lord Eshteross): We do know someone, just a great guy, and he's so great.
    Yash: Fantastic. I, and not to inject myself into your story here, but I happen to know a handful of really great people, too.
    Fearne: You do?
  • Orym: (to Advik, after testing the Sending Stones) Wow. I'm sorry. I thought you were full of shit.
    Advik: Point taken. Most do, until they realize the splendor they're in the presence of.
  • Advik: Thank you all so much for coming, and don't forget: Advik is always your humble servant. Now move along. I have more people to sell to.
  • Imogen: What time is it?
    Fearne: It's time for murder!
    Ashton: It's always time for murder.
  • Lord Eshteross: You leave quite a few holes in your wake, don't you?
    Fearne: They were there already. But very small, so make sure that if you send people there, probably children.


Adjustment Count Item Source Destination Notes
Acquired 4 Potion of healing Advik Laudna, FCG, Ashton, Orym Asking price was 115 gold each. Dorian and Imogen already had one each.
Acquired 1 set Sending stones Advik Orym and Ashton Asking price was 300 gold.
Expended 1 set Caltrops Dorian Shadow creeper hole
Acquired 1 vial Sample of slime Dugger's house Imogen
Acquired 1 Dagger Dugger's body Orym
Acquired 1 Shortsword Dugger's body Orym
Acquired 1 Coin purse Dugger's body Imogen Contained 3 silver, 5 copper
Acquired 1 Chamber pot Dugger's house Fearne
Acquired over 1000 Gold pieces Lord Eshteross The party


  • The party leveled up to 4th at the end of the episode.[5]
    • Ashton rolled a 12, increasing hit points to at least 52.
    • Dorian rolled a 5, increasing hit points to at least 32.
    • Laudna took the level as a Sorcerer and rolled a 2, increasing hit points to at least 27.
    • FCG rolled a 3, increasing hit points to at least 32.
    • Fearne rolled a 7, increasing hit points to at least 33.
    • Imogen rolled a 2, increasing hit points to at least 23, the fewest of the current party.
    • Orym rolled a 6, increasing hit points to at least 39.
  • For the second week, Travis was present for the pre-show but not the game proper. Prior to the game, he tweeted: "You won't see my character at the table tonight - not just yet. For Campaign 3, Marisha’s words hold true - 'all bets are off'."[6]
  • Sam's jerrycan starts off saying:[7]

    Dear Werther's Original,🍬
    We're very sorry
    Peace + Love,
    Sam Riegal
    (Emmy Winner)

    Later Sam attempted to paste "[We're very sorry]…That Your Candy is Inedible" over the lower part but Laura confiscated it;[8] he managed to recover it at some point and applied it.[9]


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