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"The Terror of Tal'Dorei - Part 2" (LVM1x02) is the second episode of the first season of The Legend of Vox Machina. Vox Machina tells Sovereign Uriel of the monstrous culprit behind the village attacks, and track the creature back to its lair. Vox Machina must rise to the occasion and go face-to-face with a beast that is seemingly impossible to kill.

Plot summary[]

General Krieg rallies the Arms of Emon at their military encampment. However, during the night, the blue dragon attacks, killing most of the soldiers.

In Emon, Vox Machina reports back to the council that the unknown threat is a blue dragon, though the council already knew this. The council expresses little faith in them, and Krieg suggests mustering Emon's troops instead. Against Kima of Vord's protests, Sovereign Uriel approves this plan. Vex feels the painful twinge again. Outside, Vex tells the group that someone on the council is working with the dragon, and they suspect Gregory Fince. They split up to prepare.

Seeking information on a dragon's weaknesses, Pike and Vax visit Gilmore's Glorious Goods, where Shaun Gilmore greets them and flirts with Vax. Cautioning that most lore on dragons is fanciful and useless, Gilmore reads an excerpt from a book: dragons will be killed where two rivers meet. Vax thanks him and tells Gilmore he owes him dinner.

Meanwhile, Grog and Scanlan see Fince while drinking in the town square and track him to a large estate. They notify the rest of the party, and they sneak into the estate, which turns out to be Krieg's home. They suspect that Fince is trying to assassinate Krieg. Grog asks Scanlan for a sandwich. As Grog enjoys his snack, both Scanlan and Keyleth try to open the door but fail. Vax snatches the olive from the Grog's sandwich and uses the toothpick to pick the lock, smugly telling the party that they need finesse and are amateurs while Grog laments the loss of the toothpick. Descending into the cellar, they find Fince stealing scrolls and accuse him of trying to kill Krieg. As Fince tells them he is gathering evidence, Krieg suddenly kills him. The party realizes that Krieg must be working with the dragon. Krieg disappears into the next room, and when the party follows, they do not find him.

The group searches the room for a hidden exit. Keyleth notices a rug depicting five chromatic dragons. Grog gets distracted by a pin-up tapestry of a red dragonborn woman, and Keyleth disgustedly tells him to stop staring. She throws a book at Grog, and it passes through the tapestry, revealing it as a portal. The party goes through it, though Scanlan is reluctant to do so. The portal takes them to a cold cavern high in a distant mountain. They come upon a huge amount of treasure and begin to gather it before they realize it is a dragon's horde. They are seen by someone looking through an ominous orb, which promptly collapses.

LOVM 1-2

Screenshot of Vox Machina preparing to attack, by Titmouse from "The Terror of Tal'Dorei - Part 2" (LVM1x02).[art 1]

Krieg appears before them, and Vex realizes that he wanted Emon's army mustered so that they could be destroyed. Krieg declares that it is time dragons ruled Exandria once again and transforms, revealing himself to be the blue dragon, Brimscythe the Iron Storm. Vox Machina struggles to fight him, but Vax realizes that the "two rivers" refers to the veins in a dragon's neck. Vex gathers the party and plans to make the fact they don't know what they're doing work for them. They appear before Brimscythe, arguing amongst themselves how to proceed. When Brimscythe attacks, Scanlan reveals that it was an illusion. The party successfully attacks Brimscythe's throat, and Grog deals the killing blow. With Brimscythe dead, the lair crumbles, and they escape with only a very small amount of treasure.

Uriel rewards Vox Machina with an honorary membership on the council and ownership of a nearby keep, meant to keep them close by to defend the city from threats. He informs them that the council suspects Krieg was part of a conspiracy, so an upcoming banquet has been arranged to discuss this. Vox Machina is invited, and various dignitaries are already traveling to Emon to attend.

Outside of Emon, a carriage driver, Desmond, informs Delilah Briarwood that the road is blocked. She instructs him to go around, but Sylas Briarwood exits the carriage to personally clear the road. He is accosted by bandits, but he easily tears them apart. He re-enters the carriage, and they continue on towards Emon.



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  • Written by - Brandon Auman
  • Directed by - Alicia Chan
  • Producer - Tony Salama
  • Co-Producers - Jennifer Muro, Eugene Son
  • Art Director - Arthur Loftis
  • Editor - Todd Raleigh
  • Storyboard artists - Morgan Hillebrand, Cassey Kuo, Sheldon Vella

Featured characters[]

Vox Machina[]




  • Gilmore: (noticing customers in his shop) You have entered a realm of mystery, of magic, of marvel. Welcome to Gilmore's Glorious Goods! Enchanted curios and magical artifacts at discounted prices. I take gold, silver, platinum. (sees Vax, gasps) Why, if it isn't the mysterious Vax'ildan? Oh, I was hoping you would swing back through again.
  • Vax'ildan: If we survive this. I owe you dinner.
    Gilmore: You owe more than that, my handsome half-elf.
    Pike: All right, you two, foreplay's over. We should probably find our friends.
  • Vax'ildan: All it takes is a little finesse. Amateurs.
    Grog: That was my toothpick.
  • Grog: (sees the female dragonborn painting) How booo-tiful.
  • Krieg: The age of man is coming to an end. There was a time when dragons ruled all of Tal'Dorei, when we ruled the entire world!
  • Uriel: Vox Machina, for your selfless heroism, I proclaim you all protectors of the realm and honorary members of the council of Tal'Dorei. I know, I can hardly believe it myself.


  • The episode adapts the parts of "The Story of Vox Machina" (Sx06) narrated by Travis, Sam, and Marisha.
  • Though the episode was announced to be releasing at midnight PST on January 28, 2022,[1] it released eight hours early at midnight UTC (or GMT) instead.[2]
  • The two soldiers simultaneously killed by being dropped by Brimscythe were voiced by Matthew Mercer and Marisha Ray, who joked that it was "romantic".[3]
  • Gilmore's Glorious Goods featured several Easter eggs hidden around the shop: lanterns from the Campaign Three set, a stuffed red weasel resembling Sprinkle, a copy of Tusk Love with Jester Lavorre and Fjord on the cover, an item strongly resembling the Happy Fun Ball, and Gary Gygax's sandal.
    • The real sandal was won in a charity auction by Chris Prynoski, the president and founder of Titmouse, who held onto it for a year and presented it during the Tavern Keeper Build Q&A.[4]
    • Gilmore's Book of Dragon Lore has been translated to find stories about adventuring parties and dragons throughout Exandria, including the ancient dragons Shonmuren and Kragstower.[5]
  • While searching General Krieg's room, Keyleth notices a carpet on the floor bearing the emblem of the Chroma Conclave, the antagonists of Campaign One Arc 3: The Chroma Conclave who feature in the animated series' second season.
  • As a surprise for Matt, the design team intentionally designed a character model that looked like him to appear in many episodes.[6] The character appears in the town square pushing a wheelbarrow laden with barrels of ale, one of which Grog takes to drink and in which Scanlan hides.[7]


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